Pisces Horoscope Today 10th May 2022

Neptune on your sign will give you great energy to offer the selfless service that characterizes you so much, having great acceptance and sympathy in your social environment. So your personality will be empathetic and lucky with people who are not even from your immediate nucleus, earning the love of many people with your services.

Communication is going to be very strong today thanks to the Stellium in the sign of Taurus where your intelligence and your emotions will find a good balance and an excellent manifestation thanks to the fact that Uranus and the Moon will be giving their best through the Sun in the way you express yourself.


You are a very motivated sign, therefore you need someone who is very attentive to your feelings and Virgo from your 7th house with its characteristics of great observation and detail will be the one who can guide you to choose the type of person who will be the best option for you. partner for you

You have the strong planetary presence from your 12th house of Jupiter and Saturn in the sign of Aquarius; this can affect you on an intellectual level and will be giving you somewhat outdated thoughts that will not allow those great ideas that you can generate to be properly transformed; take this into consideration and let go of those thoughts that you know are not yours so that you can flow better without your subconscious affecting you so much.

It might be time to break the routine you have settled into! You are so focused on your goal that you end up forgetting about the outside world. You risk ending up isolating yourself and playing the Hermit too much. Come out of your ivory tower and take a look at your surroundings. It will really do you good. You will only be more efficient for what you do elsewhere. Get out!


Your 5th house has the sign of Cancer with the presence of the planet Mars; this will allow you to enjoy the projects that you may be having with your family or close friends where the affective ties will be on the surface and you will enjoy them to the fullest.

Trust your common sense today. Often, it is your emotions that dictate your actions and you minimize the role of your reason. Let the left hemisphere of your brain take control of things today, because even if your reasoning seems twisted or strange to you, that is where the key to the problem you are concerned lies. And don’t expect the situation to evolve as you “feel” because you are going to have big surprises!


Leo in your house 6 tells us about being careful at the cardiac level because the heart is the organ that this sign governs and the one that for you can have some affectation, therefore avoid eating a lot of fats and salt and do aerobic exercise so that your heart keep in excellent condition.

Be wary today of people you usually trust. You might find that instead of venturing outside, you’d better stay home and enjoy a well-deserved day of calm. Don’t confide too much, because not only your secrets could be misinterpreted, but in addition, they might not be given all the attention they deserve… Bad hearers, hello!


The passion and dedication that you will be showing today in your work will be so noticeable and effective that you will be infecting others to push themselves and be even better in their work since Leo in your 6th house is going to make you put with all the shirt and shine with your own light in your work.

Great day to do good work dear. Have you ever thought that you could put your talents of intuition and perception at the service of the business world? For example, today, you may well have the opportunity to join forces to make one of your good ideas a reality. You are often ahead of your time, now is the time to realize it!


Start a project or enter a new job because Aries is going to be allowing you the energy to take that initial step with all your strength and the connection with Cancer in your 5th house through Mars is going to tell us that it will be something that develops from your creativity and from your home.

If anyone can handle the emotional intensity of this day, it’s you! Some people will walk away sheepish, unable to deal with these deep stimulations of sensitivity. Be careful though because a major opposition could get in your way. You will face a powerful concrete situation that will challenge your methods and all your plans of attack. It will be a useful experience.

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