Pisces Horoscope Today 11th May 2022

The presence of Neptune, your ruling planet over your 1st house, will make you very focused on spiritual matters and as they grow they will expand and take on a fundamental part of your personality.

That is why the people around you will know you as someone very focused on these issues and you will be a guide and instructor of spirituality and mystical processes of self-awareness.


Taurus with the powerful Stellium in your 3rd house tells us that the way in which you are going to be expressing yourself is going to be too intense, effective, practical and very intellectualized and may be manifested in artistic, poetic or oral actions in a very forceful way.

You need someone who fills you with attention and cares about you as you care about almost everyone around you. Therefore locate Virgo qualities in your potential partners such as love of details, intelligence to manipulate matter or neatness and you will not go wrong when choosing your potential new partner.

This Wednesday, May 11th, you are lighter and firm at the same time, your optimism allows you to find your bearings more easily. The relevance of your ideas will be communicative. Express yourself without masks, the messages circulate. Your realism is back in force, it’s time to check, to reread certain documents. Your sense of humor will do wonders for avoiding antagonisms. Wait a few days to get serious.


Your 5th house has the energy of Mars in the sign of Cancer, which tells us that what you enjoy and enjoy will be the company of your family and close friends to carry out activities where everyone is involved and achieve an effective and substantial union of projects and cooperative ideas that are directed to help, service or artistic manifestations; all this will make you someone very complete and you will enjoy very much the company of these special people with you today.

Your ideas are on the rise and your loves evolve with grace. You are jubilant and your charm works at all levels. If you are alone, do not hesitate to seduce but if you are no longer, the other will be sensitive to your tenderness. In a relationship: Your creativity is found in the magic that you manage to bring to your relationship. Indeed, you are overflowing with original ideas and you involve the other in your new experiences. Just make sure he wants it.

Single: The sky supports you and its radiance focuses on your projects. People notice you and you do everything to get people to follow your steps. You find your impulsive mood which guarantees you frank success and tender exchanges.


Leo in your 6th house with the part of Fortune tells us that you will be enjoying excellent health and that especially in cardiac matters you will be very well, presenting a good blood pressure and with an adequate rhythm of pulsations so that you enjoy activities at fresh air and enjoy aerobic activities.

There will be more harmony, kindness and consideration in your relationships. Pay attention to your diet and try to rest regularly. An excess of varied exchanges, movements and occupations could block you or exhaust you.


You are someone very emotional and when it comes to serving others you give all your heart; This will be enhanced by the energy of Leo from your 6th house and the astrological part of Fortune will give you very beautiful and fraternal moments within your work that will make you love what you do today.

Attention ! This day is particularly tense and demanding but it is favorable to you. Even if you end up exhausted, you will be surprised by the great amount of work you will have accomplished. You are reaping the rewards of your efforts!


Aries in your house 2 tells us that you will be with a lot of impetus to start new projects that you may develop from your home or that will be based in your home; this because Mars, ruler of Aries; It is located in the 4th house in the sign of Cancer. Count on a benevolent sky to increase your income, encourage cash flow, be able to make significant investments, in short bring you luck. But beware of a tendency to ask too much, think too big or overspend!

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