Pisces Horoscope Today 9th May 2022

You will be longing for inner peace, the peace of your own self, so you will make your home an intimate space and refuge, thus stimulating the progress of your soul. Your Moon in her home will make you consider your house as a kind of retreat or sanctuary.

With Neptune in transit through your Ascendant, you will yearn for fulfillment with the whole, and you will be idealizing people and your reality, in which case the disappointment can be harsh. Take advantage of this planetary influence in the practice of yoga or meditation.


You will feel complete next to your partner and you will be able to show him a very beautiful facet of your personality and better qualities. You will focus on what you share with each other and not on the differences. The energies in your partner’s house will make you worry a lot about the well-being of your partner but it is important that you do not neglect your own well-being.

Sometimes you are very strict in the way you see things. You tend to form an opinion quickly, and once you have formed it, nothing changes you! Today you will want to reconsider a judgment you have made. More information will come to light. Perhaps this involves a loved one. You will have a greater understanding of their motivations and feelings. This will help you declare a truce.


Your house of love is visited by Mars, because it is in fall it can make you act with little energy, and the lunar energy of the sign of Cancer can affect your emotions, expressing them from one extreme to another, from excitement to melancholy. To counteract these energies you can focus on a sports activity or a hobby.

Your intuitive nature could take first place. You may be able to tap into hidden emotions that your partner has been experiencing. You could help your girlfriend express some of her innermost concerns. You are a psychologist by nature: it should not be difficult for you to understand what is happening. Don’t be afraid to trust your intuition, as it could help your partner feel better.


If you feel health problems they can be mentally originated and can be somatized. Don’t let your need to shine affect you in this regard. Get your batteries. Although you prefer calm and security, today’s situation demands a more dynamic and fearless attitude.

It’s time for you to display your leadership skills. Today it will be you who makes the decisions, instead of simply accepting the conditions of others. And if you don’t feel up to that, you should work on that part of yourself. It’s very important.


Your pride could create problems for you since you will not feel like obeying your immediate bosses, the idea of ​​subordination at this time is far from your perception, you will feel a strong desire to obtain a leadership role at work or, a position of trust or authority.

You may have been worrying about something you did recently that you are not very proud of. Today you will discover that all that worry was in vain. The reality you have been trying to escape from will present itself before your eyes, and you will see that it is not so bad after all. You will be rewarded for all your hard work as if life is trying to teach you a lesson in optimism. Don’t be so negative!


You will be very impulsive and you could feel the desire to embark on risky financial companies, intoxicated with absolute security, you will feel that you are doing wonderfully financially, but you must be cautious when starting a new project. You are on a roll, and that couple of new ideas, very innovative by the way, will help you achieve the goals of your life. Unfortunately, you will find stones on your way. There will always be people who resist change and who will ruin your plans without any qualms. Most likely, the natural fear of the unknown leads them to do so. Help them understand your perspective.