Pisces Horoscope in Urdu Friday 23rd February 2018

Pisces Horoscope in Urdu Friday 23rd February 2018

You would be better off watching your partner out of the corner of your eye, without showing any unwelcome jealousy. The other will please a lot and will have on his heels a crowd of admirers.

Single, you who love free love, unfettered relationships, you will this time spoiled for choice! You will seduce every turn, and your conquests will be more beautiful than the others. But it is likely that your heart remains dissatisfied because, deep down, it aspires to something solid.

This aspect of Uranus will inspire you with foresight, a quality that is so necessary in these difficult times. Be an ant rather than a cicada. “You go for a day, take biscuits for two days, you travel in the summer, take off your winter clothes”.

Physically, you will perform as well as possible: nervous resistance at will, good use of psychic energy, fast recovery capacity after sustained effort.

This will be the perfect time to carry out professional projects that are important to you and promote your personal initiatives.

You will not hesitate to perform many tasks or to perform tedious tasks. Your attendance will be amply rewarded.

What concerns your family life will suffer virtually no astral influence. So your relationships with your family members will be easy and straightforward.

Everyone will be fine: your children will be happy to live and in good shape, as well as your parents.pisces daily horoscope in urdu 23 february 2018

Social life
Beware today of your tendency to look for the little beast. By dint of indulging in this game, you may end up flushing out big trouble in your friendly environment. A certain simplicity would be useful: “We only live by letting live”.

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