Pisces Horoscope Wednesday 18th May 2022

This day you will feel introspective, the search and exploration of the spiritual life associated with Jupiter, could involve the healing of past lives, such as finding forgiveness for past victimization or being the victimizer. Pisces is a sign capable of seeing how we play karmic roles.

Jupiter square the Sun tends to exaggerate and this will apply to your confidence and ego. You can be lucky and popular now, and it’s okay to be proud of your accomplishments, but being too proud or vain, and expecting too much of others can cause problems in relationships. You shouldn’t believe it so much.


You can be very sociable and have many friends, but you give a lot of yourself to your partner or to one person in particular. You cannot hide your feelings that have the ability to cause anxiety or tension in the relationship. Obsessiveness or jealousy can make your partner feel stifled, or embarrassed in social situations because of your emotional or other excesses. It is the energy of the Moon in opposition to Jupiter.

The type of growth possible, with Jupiter in Pisces is important, this aspect can heal not only the wounds of this life, but also the ancestral or past life pain. Follow those spiritual instincts because they can lead you to a path of healing.


For the passage of Venus in Gemini and making you feel loved, you must find a love who is a good listener. You need all your thoughts to be heard immediately. If they do this for you, you will feel very close to them. But they must also know how to converse, or you will get bored and leave them.


At the moment the sign of Leo passes through your 6th house and Leo is all heart for the good and for the bad. But that heart must be taken care of and not only with good feelings but also with healthy decisions. Your blood pressure may now be higher than recommended and your heartbeat irregular. If you do not want to suffer even worse symptoms in the heart, you should follow the cardiovascular health advice at all costs.


By the passage of Jupiter in Pisces you will have many skills in social work, counseling and ministerial work. You can also volunteer for organizations that help the homeless or poor, volunteer at a church or hospital.

Money and Luck The passage of the sign of Aries through your house 2 infects you with its energy and makes you spend a lot of money on looking good, luxury clothes and accessories are part of its personality. But you also think about your future and you are interested in investment funds, pension plans and you are motivated to save to travel and think about your vacations.