Pisces in 2019

Pisces in 2019 | Horoscope and Predictions of full Year

This is a year in which fertility, harvest and tranquility will be the three gold protagonists for this sign. Therefore, everything in which you put a minimum effort will result in tangible results, sometimes impressive. On the other hand, they will have that feeling of wellbeing that is generated when we receive the fruits of everything we have sown for years.

The most important thing for Pisces in 2019 will be work and social life. Imagination and creativity to the fullest. Improves the economy. The worst: you will tend to disconnect from reality.pisces horoscope in 2019

Committed, you will do everything to harmonize your life to two and become more available to your guy-half. Together, you find a beautiful complicity, which will lead you to make new projects and to see further. You are most likely to feel like officially committing yourself or raising your family. Single, it is increasing your contacts that you are most likely to make a beautiful encounter.

Thinking about your future takes time, worries you, and is not it just about your sentimental future? It seems like you will spend a lot of time in 2019 dreaming and planning, trying to identify and program the direction you want to give to your existence instead of drifting aimlessly. The cosmic energies will ask you to define a plan of action to establish the long-term basis for your future! So this year you take advantage of the opportunities that will likely be offered to you to expand your horizons and move on!

You probably will not have much of the presence of your family circle, sentimental or friends to give you advice and accompany you in your choices, but possibly you will spend a little more time managing what is to come, rather than looking for your soul mate or rekindling (or keeping on) the flame of love. Whatever it is, the fact is that actually one thing does not necessarily prevent the other and you can count on Venus throughout the year to spice up your life a bit and give you excellent reasons (and opportunities?) To plan your future a lot in good company!

1st decan (from February 19 to 28): looking for something different?
Saturn will tend to slow down, sometimes hindering your projects a little, but also forcing you to reflect and build them on solid foundations! No doubt you enjoyed the last spring (between November and December) of great opportunities to broaden your horizons, at the social or professional level. Now that Saturn has departed and the bases for your important future projects have probably already been established, you will benefit from the Uranian spirit, which has already influenced your deanery between the middle of May and the beginning of November 2018 (if you belong to the beginning of This year you may be invited to renew your relationships, to shake up a bit (a lot) of your environment and to have new ideas, perhaps a little surprising or even revolutionary to enter the future in a different way.

Some friends are gone, the context in which you evolve is changing? So expect to see new people emerge in your universe, which will open up new perspectives and color a little (much) your daily routine! Venus will accompany your desire to take those you love with you for your adventures from February 3 to 12 and will fill you with an impressive charisma from March 26 to April 4! You will give your full attention to your family and your relatives between the 9th and 17th of June. Between July 3 and 11, you will dedicate yourself exclusively to your loves, seeking to achieve what you want, with an irresistible charm that will not leave anyone immune!

Between 21 and 29 August, open wings for beautiful exchanges, conversations and constructive dialogues. At the end of the year (between November 26 and December 4), his future prospects will return to the center of his attention, especially as of December 2, when Jupiter will confirm this trend and can offer you from the 15th a great opportunity to take off and open the doors to a future according to what you want!

There will be 5 eclipses, which will greatly influence your life: solar eclipse 6 January, total eclipse of the Moon 21 January, solar eclipse 2 July, partial eclipse of the moon on July 16, solar eclipse annular 26 December.

Pisces Love 2019
In love there are no changes. Your life will continue as it is. If you are married, you will still be married, if you have a girlfriend, and if you are single, you will still be single. That does not mean, that you are not going to have the year full of emotions and games of seduction, with the opposite sex. You could even go out with someone for a few months, but you can do well or you can go wrong. In any case, you will be so focused on your work, that love will not be your priority.

Single Pisces will preserve this status throughout the year and, surprisingly, solitude will not be a burden to them. In part this miracle will happen because they will not be entirely alone, but with a lack of loving commitment, which is not the same. On the other hand, they will also find themselves more mature and without so much fear of facing life with the lack of a partner. Therefore, they will be relaxed, wanting to meet new people and let themselves be praised, seduced and taken to where life and the various lovers of this year take them.

In contrast, Pisces who are married or in a relationship, will do their best to preserve that situation. Fish do not need a break from the routine to feel full, so it will be just the stability provided by the perpetual repetition of the day to day which will give them the security of being able to stay married or living together for a long time. Those who are fully entrenched, will embark on the adventure of ordering a baby, something that thanks to the fertility that the year brings will be very easy to achieve. So we can expect pairs of Pisces that are definitely consolidated this year, which is due to the total delivery that was made in previous years.

Pisces Social Life 2019
You will make a lot of social life, but there is discussion and fights with old friends. You will break your friendship with some, but in general you will be there to help them.

You have the clear intention to have fun, live life, travel and enjoy. You will meet interesting people at work and that could lead you to seduce and flirt, with several people related to the profession. Foreigners, tutors, teachers and professionally well-situated people will attack you.

There will be many pleasant moments with friends. These will be very present and with all the positive energy that Pisces needs for this year. The meetings, the birthdays, the Friday nights … in short, all the moments in which the union is the queen of the night, will not be the same without the innocent and sparkling joy of Pisces.

In addition, friends will not only give Pisces moments of fun and laughter, but also will be the architects of shared moments within the framework of emotional containment, advice and tenderness.

Pisces Work 2019
The work will be the best of the year, but it will be full of potholes and changes, due to 4 of the 5 eclipses this year. The fantastic thing is that you will have so many successes that you will be amazed with yourself if you work for someone else. They will congratulate you, they will promote you and raise your salary. You will feel fulfilled. You will get to know in your professional sector and you will receive very interesting offers from other companies.

Everything Pisces is looking for this year will come easily. This also implies the work and its strenuous search. So it is that those who are unemployed when the year begins, will soon find a job and, what they will most like about everything, which will be very related to the studies they have. That is to say that it will not be a “filling” job while they get one that is really worthwhile, but that all the hours spent in candlelight to obtain a degree or a training will yield at the time of getting a job.

Those who are working soon will receive very good news: the dedication and ethics that have turned to work have not gone unnoticed by the people in charge of offering promotions and increases. So it will not be many days from the beginning of the year until Pisces receives what it deserves in labor material.

Money arrives abundantly and chance will play a very important role in this aspect. Therefore, it is advisable to entrust our luck to bets and investments that are based more on luck than on strategy.

You will relate a lot professionally and make interesting contacts. Chances are that they change jobs in the same company, but it would be a super promotion and recognition; If you do not change your company, they offer you something much better.

Pisces Money 2019
This year you will earn more money and if you invest, you will win too. You will have very good intuition, for investments and where you invest, it will give you good benefits. You are brave with investments. You have clear, that if you lose, nothing happens, because you can win it again and the one who does not risk does not win. If you want to take a risk, do it in January and February.

Pisces Home and Family 2019
The family is stable and without problems. You will not pay too much attention to them.

You will worry more about your house. You will decorate it, make it more beautiful, to be able to receive friends and family in other conditions. Your mother, could get pregnant and give you a little brother. You will do very well at work and you will feel happy for her. If you already have children, they will be fine, you will not have to worry about them. On the other hand, one of your brothers will have emotional problems or with his family and he will ask you for help.

This year brings to the fish very enjoyable family moments. On one side or the other, the family will expand, since babies will arrive, so the moments of union and celebration will have a great prominence this year.

The presence of the Pisces will be more than welcome, required, by the older relatives of the group. Faced with this honor, the always willing fish will be more than pleased to be able to bring joy and contribute the help that is so that the smile of their loved ones remain on their faces as long as possible.

At home things will be very good and in harmony; Pisces that have children of emancipating age will find themselves giving them marital, work and life advice so that their “little ones” can leave the nest with confidence and self-confidence.

Pisces Health 2019
Your health will be good, but a little unstable. You will pass for good and bad moments. But what really worries you is the image, your body. There will be very good health for Pisces this year. They will feel with vigor, strength and desire to undertake new things. A recommendation in the area is to look for a hobby that is related to the physical, such as gymnastics, dancing and even a ball sport. This will allow them to have fun while using all the vitality that this year gives them.

You have to take care of the cold and do not be lazy to keep warm, as the throat and bronchi can ruin more than a weekend Pisces who believe they have purchased health; Viruses always wait for the opportunity to sneak into an unprepared body.

You will take great care doing sports, with a healthy diet and in the beauty salon. You will want to be always beautiful and fit. As the year progresses, you will find yourself better and stronger. If you have a chronic illness, you will improve by the end of the year. Take care of your weak points, which are: the feet and the heart. For the first, massages, foot reflexology, heat, the pedicure always impeccable … For the heart, try to calm down and do not live always stressed. Anxiety and nerves are contrapuntal.

Pisces Personal Evolution 2019
In recent years, you have evolved a lot spiritually. Instead this year, you will be more stable, because you already know what you want and how to get it. You are where you want to be and this is already a lot.

Your work will become much better, where you will capture all your creativity. Your imagination will have no limits and will lead you to create good projects. You will be much more sensitive in all aspects and that you must control, because sometimes it could be negative for you. You will have clairvoyance and you will capture the pain of others.

Pisces Studies 2019
If you are a student, it will not go too well for you. You will go through moments of total disconnection and a better one. The problem is that you do not attend in class, always thinking about your things. You will have to make an effort, if you want to approve. On the other hand, you will change your study center.

Recommendations for Pisces in 2019
The greatest recommendation for these natives is that they learn to enjoy the moment they have to live. There has been a strong and constant sacrifice on his part in previous years, which today gives results that were expected, but that are finally present so that they are relaxed, happy and carefree.

Trusting luck is also something that the fearful Pisces will have to learn to do to let go and open up his possibilities. On the other hand, make good use of money will be a challenge for this year, because it is one thing to have it, while another very different is to know how to use it with intelligence and vision to the future.

Finally, spirituality will play a very important role in every aspect of Pisces, since this native will not be able to enjoy his full year if he does not spend much of his time and economic gain to cultivate his spirit in order to practice altruism fully.

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