Pisces Monday, January 2, 2017 Something that happens today will make you reconsider

Follow your hunches and intuitions and you will see how the love that seemed lost and absent is closer to you than you could suppose. You will have more time to spend next to yours and you will not want to leave home for anything, however, remember that you must share your interests and if your partner is wanting some entertainment outside the home you must please her, in addition, you will feel very good in doing so.

pisces today

Your personality vibrates at the beginning of this year and you will have in your hands the reins of your sentimental destiny. Love envelops you with the touch of the unusual and surprising.

The Moon is entering the sign of Pisces. The only retrograde planet is Mercury in transit through Capricorn. The astral note that surrounds you in your Piscean horoscope is surprising because you receive pleasant news of who you love or at least you are interested in sentimentally. You will enjoy a period of loving stability that is very positive and encouraging for you. Certain news, or situations that you learn from another person will make you make different decisions and rethink.

If you feel annoyed by those pounds, or pounds, too much, this is the ideal time to buy a stationary bike or some type of sports equipment to use at home. That way you can exercise even if it rains, and while watching TV.

You have started a hard work week and chances are you find backlog waiting for you. Fill yourself with patience and see doing everything in time to not overwhelm you. You know and you can do it well, Pisces.

Money and fortune
Save a part of your money saved and do not invest everything in a new business, because within a few days you will need to make a good purchase in which profits will be generated and instead of consuming what you have you will be multiplying.

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