Pisces Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Pisces Monthly Horoscope for August 2020

Pisces love August 2020
Still, some slight emotional difficulties until at least August 7 because, later, the new transit of Venus in Cancer, will bring more vigor in the life of a couple, a better harmony, Naturally, if it has not been ruined by a stormy past and in crisis for too long.

Even when Venus and Mercury are favorable, if the relationship has experienced a very serious crisis, you cannot think of solving all your problems and therefore, in the most complicated cases, Perhaps this passage makes you see that perhaps it is time to make a drastic decision.

Lonely hearts, on the other hand, can really have good opportunities to meet new people, even to have just simple but fun erotic adventures. Don’t underestimate the friendships that arise these days. It is a shame that Mars does not give excellent sexual energies and magnetism is not on the rise either.

For Pisces singles, the entry of Venus into the V House of the sign, represents the emergence of love, at first sight, an opportunity for romantic adventures, and a predilection for games and leisure activities.

Venus in the V House of fish also promotes respectful and friendly communication with descendants, or subordinates (in the workplace), especially with female individuals.

On the other hand, the arrival of Mercury (08/19) and the Sun (08/22) to the VII House of Virgo, indicates conversations about the future with the life partner, and the announcement of marriages, commitments, and courtships.

Transits on House VII of the fish are also excellent allies to transform the relationship you have with yourself, cultivating self-care and positive (internal) dialogue.

It is important to keep in mind that on 08/30 Mercury in House VII of Pisces will oppose Neptune retrograde in the sign of the fish, a configuration that can cause communication failures with the life partner, due to unrealistic approaches on the part of the Pisces.

Remember that the Juno asteroid is kept in the House VIII of the fish, so there is a personal commitment to trust each other, and work side by side for the achievement of common goals.

Another astrological aspect, particularly relevant for this time of year, is the beginning of Uranus’ retrogradation in House III of Pisces, starting on August 15.

With Uranus retrograde in House III of the fish, there is the possibility of disagreements or misunderstandings, with brothers, neighbors, or people in the community.

Likewise, the apparent setback of the planet of change in House III, invites you to question yourself about your personal aspirations, and the way you prepare to conquer them, if you project them as goals and not as dreams.

Last but not least, don’t forget that the North Node is positioned in the IV House of Pisces, pointing out that recognition of ancestors, country, and the family nucleus is essential in the process of building your best version.

Pisces work and money in August 2020
If you want to close and sign an agreement, if you want to make some positive expenses for your work, if you want to start collaborations, then act before August 5.

Because afterward the transits of Mercury will not be favorable and in fact, when the planet of the ideas and business, will be in Virgo, then in opposition, will not allow being lucid and the risk of being wrong, of doing bad business, will be very high. Paying attention to expenses, bureaucratic problems, and with Jupiter slowing its path in the zodiac sign Capricorn, do not underestimate a legal problem that comes from the past and is still unresolved.

In these weeks they don’t seem very determined, and if you don’t have a job, it becomes very difficult to be noticed by the qualities that you possess. If you give up a professional proposal that arrives in the first days of August, you probably won’t show up again until at least the end of September.

In August 2020, Mars in House II of Pisces will star in squares with Pluto (08/13) and Saturn (08/24), retrograde planets transiting through House XI of the sign of the fish, where Jupiter is also in apparent reverse.

This configuration suggests the possibility of confrontations with members of your social circle (friends, colleagues), for financial reasons, or budget for work assignments.

As Juno remains in House VIII of the fish, the native maintains a responsible attitude in the management of the assets and patrimony of third parties; however, it may not be as attentive to the management of own resources, or risk investments (Mars, retrograde Chiron and Lilith in House II).

In the workplace, from 04 to 19 August, Mercury will be visiting House VI of Pisces, a transit that favors job offers, issued by different sectors, both inside and outside the usual work environment.

The fact that the New Moon in Leo on 08/18, takes place precisely in House VI of Pisces, indicates that the subject will receive a relevant offer, and will consider changing the game.

In this sense, the entrance of Mercury (08/19) and the Sun (08/22) to the VII House of Pisces, facilitates the negotiation of agreements and contracts with advantageous conditions for the parties, and especially for the Pisces.

Another astrological aspect that will be in your favor, during this time of the year, is the arrival of Venus in the V House of fish, which will sponsor the inspiration and creative potential of the subject.

However, the beginning of the retrograde of Uranus in the House II of Pisces, on 08/15, warns about not sharing your plans and projects with people from the nearby environment, much less participating in gossip or gossip, which can affect your reputation.

The planet of change in House III of the fish is also not favorable for the presentation of new ideas, But it does benefit the process of reviewing old projects and ongoing initiatives.

Finally, do not forget that currently there are three planets in apparent receding in the XI House of Pisces (Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter), resulting in friction in dealing with colleagues and friends, and motivating a new vision about the role it plays in the group.

Pisces luck August 2020
Mars behind and therefore energetically will live a really hot month of August. During these four weeks do not think too much about work, do not think too much about family or sentimental problems, but try to unplug and face a phase of rest, relaxation, because only resting, relaxing body, mind and spirit, you can find the right concentration and intuition to solve problems.

Jupiter however is very valuable support but being in retrograde motion, it does not allow you to be so lucky and it is very likely that some interesting event will not come during the course of this month. Traveling, going to the sea or to the mountains can be positive, but do not fill the days with too many commitments that could further stress the physique. Be wary of very young or intelligent people who appear to be your friends but actually want to cheat on you.

The Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3, will touch the XII House of Pisces, translating into an opportunity of connecting with the spiritual, the overcoming of negative habits, and self-reflection.

On the other hand, from August 04 to 19, Mercury will be visiting House VI, a particularly favorable transit for those who are interested in implementing changes in their lifestyle and exploring new options for food, physical training, and organization.

This trend will be reinforced by the arrival of the asteroid Vesta at this same location (House VI of Pisces), on 08/11, which will focus on the link with the body itself; selfless service actions; and spiritual practices (prayer, meditation, rituals).

The fact that the New Moon in Leo on 08/18 occurs precisely in the VI House of Fish will give you the necessary impetus to pursue your personal, professional, and lifestyle goals.

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