Pisces Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

Pisces Monthly Horoscope for February 2021

This February for Pisces will be a very spiritual month. The most important thing will be your happiness and your balance, love, and money. The lucky numbers for February: 2-3-4-5-13-14-23-24-27-28.

In love, he will be happy. If you are with a partner, the relationship will improve a lot. You will be for each other and happy. If you are single, you could begin to become intimate with someone from Yoga class or have met in a course or seminar on a spiritual topic. Right now you are only interested in spiritual people and see life as you.pisces monthly horoscope for february 2021

The new moon and the sun passing through your 12th house dissolve your perception of “I”. Also, with the entry of Venus also in this area of your letter, your maxim this month is to spread your love everywhere. Your generosity will have no limits (which is also not good) and you will care about your loved ones. You will act as if you were a servant trying to fix their problems, lending them money, tidying their houses, running errands … you will be the perfect butler.

When you want to realize your own house will be upside down because you have not had time to do your work. If you had to make an important purchase, you will not have any money left, and do not wait for someone to ask you if you need any help. Others will take a comfortable position regarding your attitude and let you do it while they enjoy their free time (even your partner).

Social Life
It is a month practically absent from social life, as you understand it. There will be no nightlife. Your life will revolve around spirituality. You will interact with people involved in your Taichi or Yoga group. They are exercises, which can be done outdoors in the morning, at least on the weekend.

At work, you will continue to progress and eat the world. Your goal is clear, “success.” This month you have total freedom and ease, to change everything that you think works the way you want. You can change things easily and fluently.

The work will have dark parts, out of the sight of others, secret … This can make you get involved in jobs or jobs outside the legal framework: underground economy, undeclared charges, employment without a contract, etc. Be careful walking this path, although a priori it may seem like an advantage because you save taxes, later you could have many problems.

You will not be especially talkative in the professional or work environment, you will prefer to do your thing, focus on being efficient, prove your worth with your actions. Although you will continue to help your teammates if you see that they require it.

Money and Luck
With the money, you will do very well. It is a prosperous month in which you will start to earn more money than you have ever imagined, especially from the 2nd fortnight. Play a game of chance because you could get a large sum.

Family Life
The family will be very important to you, but they are doing very well. You breathe peace and harmony in your home and you feel super happy. You will spend a lot of time at home, in your space alone. You will need to practice some relaxing therapy, to be calm. In your house, you will achieve it. Your family watches you live and they support and understand you.

Your health will be very good and you will have a lot of energy. You are in a stage, in which spirituality governs your entire life. If you are not practicing it already, you should start Meditating daily or doing YOga or Taichi. You need to balance yourself and find inner peace and all this happens through spirituality. If you practice it, everything else in your life will harmonize and you will do well: love, work. You will need to pamper yourself physically and emotionally and you will do it in all possible ways.

You are in a period of research on the spirit and as you progress you are finding some answers but more questions. So, if you think about making a self-gift for when the sun enters your sign, the most coherent thing will be to invest money in following this path of self-discovery.

Your physical health will not be at its best, give yourself periods of rest, peace of mind, self-care throughout this month … Also, you will surely notice that you need more hours of rest and still, you will not perform at your best.

If you are a student, you will do very well. You will accept that you cannot go out or go to class and you will have a great time at home. You will be calmer, to concentrate on your studies and you will take advantage of it. You will have time for Meditation or Yoga or Tai Chi, time for study, and time to watch movies with your family. It will be perfect for you!

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