Pisces Monthly Horoscope for January 2020

Pisces Monthly Horoscope for January 2020

This month of January for the Pisces horoscope will be a happy and prosperous month. The most important thing will be work and profession, love and money. Lucky numbers for January: 1-5-6-9-10-18-19-25-26-27.

Love will be unstable because you are changing. You will be very attractive to the opposite gender. If you have a partner you will go through a crisis, in which you could end up separated. If you are single, you will go out a lot and you could have a couple of temporary relationships, although it will not be this month when you start a serious relationship. Your tastes have changed and now you are attracted to another type of person more spiritual, more mature and with a more stable life. You will start dating new and different people.pisces monthly horoscope for january 2020

Social Life
Social life will be active. The eclipse on the 10th will affect your friends and you will worry about them. The idea of making a getaway will emerge as a way to distract people with problems, but don’t do it. It is not a good month to travel abroad, leave it for later. You will meet new people, in the new social circle, who will build around spiritual therapies and seminars. You will expand your circle of friends.

At work and your profession will be excellent and your good reputation increases, but the pace at which you will be subjected to work will be stressful. The dynamism and the acceleration that you will take could lead to exhaustion. You have to remedy it: prioritize and set some work guidelines, if you don’t want to fall ill. The advice is that working within such a company forces you to be more combative and to mark your territory more, to make you respect for your colleagues. They must respect you and respect your work plot, your clients …

Money and Luck
Economically it will be an excellent month. Your reputation and the good results you get with your work will lead you to receive a raise if they did not raise it already last month. Your income, your commissions or a bonus that you will receive, will fill you with personal satisfaction.

Family and Friends
In January, a lunar eclipse will take place on the 10th, which will have a full impact on all aspects of your life. If you have children, the relationship between you and them will be bad. You will fight and you will face strongly, but next month everything will calm down again. Concern for your family will be present all month. There is a danger of accidents throughout the month. Be careful with the car! Moon eclipses often cause damage to electronic and electrical devices.

Your health will be very good but rest as much as you can, because your level of work can stress you and you need to sleep and disconnect. It is a good idea to get into Yoga or Taichi and spiritual therapies, they will help you a lot to relax. It is just what you need.

If you are a student, January will not be a good month. You will enter the doubts and you will ask yourself and you are in the right place and if you are studying the most appropriate for you. Some will decide to change studies and/or study center. All this also thanks to the eclipse.

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