Pisces Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

Pisces Monthly Horoscope for January 2021

This January for Pisces will give you the power to change everything you want. The most important thing will be to work, love, and health. The lucky numbers for January will be 2-5-7-8-14-16-17-26-27.

Very emotional, sensitive, and devoted, Pisces is a romantic, but also someone mysterious and changeable. Sometimes he becomes dependent and gives more than he owes to the other. January 2021 will be a very interesting month for the social life of all Pisces, due to the Sun transiting Capricorn. You will feel committed to giving your best to your friends and opening up to share moments with them through common groups.pisces monthly horoscope january 2021

Also, Mars will spread related energy that will drive you to seek new horizons and gives you a certain chance of living a love story far from your place of residence. However, you will feel somewhat disenchanted in matters of the heart and Venus comes to account for it this month. Perhaps you feel a bit exposed by some private situation that has been made public. Keep in mind that these experiences help you learn to handle crises and opportunities.

To their own surprise and that of their environment, the natives of Pisces will begin the year 2021 convinced to position themselves professionally. Contrary to their natural low profile, they will now lean towards the limelight. This unusual tendency will favor a somewhat unbalanced personal growth since the Fish tend to ignore the earthly plane and maintain a managed mol economy. The only dark angle will be occupied by the affections, I that affective betrayals will darken their hearts or those of their partners.

If you are in a relationship or married, you will be in a routine of life, where the little time to be together will be the only problem. This month you will have the possibility to change things so that they are suitable for your living conditions. You seek happiness and you will realize that it depends solely on you. If you are single, you will be attracted to people who, with their way of seeing life, have achieved an emotional, spiritual, and physical balance. That is why you could fall in love with someone you meet in a Yoga class or relaxation and spiritual therapy seminar and whom you admire.

Venus will emanate a spirit that will unbalance him and he will seek to control situations and see things as they are. She will be disenchanted with some love relationship and will discover the true intentions of the other, but she will not fall into melancholy or complain, but she takes the necessary impulse to advance in her path. Mars asks you to grow up listening to her heart, your natural intuition, and her instincts. It is along this path that she will find, without seeking, the complementary soul that will refresh her heart.

Pisces will succumb to the sensuality of a native of Taurus and will obtain the inner peace that he always wanted. During a trip, Pisces will come into contact with a sensitive Crab. With Cancer, he will regain his smile and put aside doubts and fears. Libra reserves a good part of her eroticism because she avoids falling into vulgarity. However, she, together with Pisces, will abandon this behavior, because the sensitivity of the lover of her will avoid any suspicion. The dual behavior of Pisces will find his complete understanding of the bond that he establishes with another son of Neptune during January.

Social Life
Your social life will be very active, especially if you are single. You will see your friends a lot and you will go out to have fun and change your ideas. On the other hand, your circle of friends expands, due to your new activities of a spiritual nature. You will move with two totally different types of people and you will have a great time.

In January, the most important thing will be work and profession. You are like a shark, chasing its prey and you won’t stop until it is hunted. This is what you will do with your professional goals. You will have in your hands the power to change what you need from your work, to work more at ease, and to be able to reach your goal sooner. You will shine with your own light and this does not escape your bosses. You are very good at your job.

The Sun in Capricorn and Mercury urge him to work in a business, with the possibility of forming a work project with one of his friends. It is a positive time for it. There is in you a feeling of discontent with the enjoyment of your current job, which Venus in Sagittarius brings to the table. Trust her intuition and act with the force of Mars in Scorpio. The key will be to go for something new, bigger, and more ambitious, as well as more akin to your personality and feelings.

In January, Pisces will appeal to his charisma and achieve his goals. He will have to take care that his family does not take up too much time. From a solid friendship relationship, Gemini and Pisces will join forces to improve their economic situation, trying a professional activity in common. Sagittarius will demonstrate their ability for good business, making beneficial agreements that will increase their income significantly. The objections that Capricorn makes will have the sole objective of making their Pisces partner act with greater responsibility.

Money and Luck
Excellent money. You will have such a prosperous month, you won’t be able to believe it. The money comes to you from online sales, marketing, sales in general and you will charge huge commissions. You can buy everything you want, although given your propensity to spend, it would be smart, that you will save to invest in real estate later.

Family and Friends
The family will be important to you, but it will take a backseat this month. You will be focused on work and your family supports and understands you. They will be fine and wait for patients at home.

Your health will be perfect. Your energies will be very high and you will have the strength for everything you have to do. Do not commit too many excesses, because you will need that energy, for work. It is recommended that you sleep your hours and take care of yourself so that everything goes well for you. It would be advisable to do some exercise to keep your muscles strong. If not, Yoga and some massages will suffice.

If you are a student, whatever level you are, you will do very well. You have mentalized, that you are going to get this course at all costs, and even if it is studying alone at home and with few face-to-face classes, you are going to get it.

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