Pisces Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

Pisces Monthly Horoscope for July 2021

This month of July for Pisces will be changeable and hopeful. The most important thing will be work and money. The lucky numbers for July will be 1-4-5-9-10-11-12-19-20-27-28.

Many natives of Pisces who do not have a partner, in July you could find the person you always dreamed of and with whom you could form a stable partner. This month could be defined as the month of love and family.pisces monthly horoscope for july 2021

Indeed, those of you who are already in a relationship will have the opportunity to consolidate your relationship, if you know how to act in case tensions arise due to covert power struggles. And those who are alone, you can meet who will become a great love. Family life will also be greatly favored; It will be important that you know how to maintain a pleasant dialogue with the children or that you contact them in different ways, it will depend on their ages.

Pisces who do not have children yet, you should know that this month will be great to be mothers. At the other levels of your life, and as has been happening to you since the beginning of the year, you will feel somewhat unstable having many problems to solve.

If you are in a relationship, love is complicated. You will both be nervous, both of you wanting to change your mind, go on vacation, have a good time, but one for one side and the other for the other. The dialogue will be the solution. If you are single this year there is no one to stop you. You will want to seduce the opposite gender and have exciting and wonderful experiences. This time of confinement has affected you and you need to have fun.

Love is always very imagined and dreamed by you and rarely, in real life, is it precisely what you thought in your head. However, speaking of this month, the stars advise you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground because at the end of this month, problems that seemed to be solved or harmless, unfortunately, are presented again in a more accentuated way. This is what they have to do, decide if they want to move on or ignore problems that they think can be solved.

Nervousness, decreased mood, tension towards a partner who does not understand you, this especially after July 22, while the previous apathy and monotony run the risk of ruling over you and the person you love. If you are single, then feel absolutely luckier people because you can stay out of trouble and yet imagine in your head a future love that will eventually come anyway.

Social Life
Social life is activated. The contact with your close friends will be continuous, but you will want to meet new people, that they surprise you, that they open the doors to new activities and even new cultures.

You will have work problems, but you will have to wait until September so that they can be solved. Now a few months of uncertainty and little work await you. You should try, that it does not affect you so much and give a new approach to your work. Your performance is very good, but you will have to adapt to the new demand. The world changes, you change. It will be a great challenge for you to find the reef again.

A moment absolutely to explode. The work promises to give that important occasion before the end of the month and with the beginning of August 2021. Yes, because in the astrological sky the conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter occurs. Mercury will be in Cancer, your most valuable ally, and Jupiter in Pisces until the end of July. That opportunity that perhaps escaped them in the past now presents itself and seems much more concrete. Not for everyone, but especially for colors that were born in the third decade.

The advice of the stars, for all those who are looking for a job or to change something in the professional field, is to organize interviews, agreements, do business and conclude contracts after July 11 but, of course, first you have to prepare the terrain and do not have to do anything. The gains will be more apparent in the second part of this period.

Money and Luck
Economically you will need to reorganize the economy. You earn a lot, but you spend too much. It will be necessary to make a good provision of funds so that you can live in peace. Your income will continue to increase because your work is going well.

A great occasion is about to come into your life, but especially if you were born during the third decade because Jupiter in your sky will touch and influence the last degrees. It is a pity that there are no other planets that support you and, in fact, we have to say, from the middle of the month Venus will be in opposition and Mars from the end of July. So a drop in energy that you will not feel immediately and that may be more physical than mental because Mercury from day 12 will be in Cancer.

Do not get tired, then, for each situation try to take advantage of the appropriate energies. The luck is that for some of you the opportunity of life could come, that opportunity to change, to renew in some existential sector, that opportunity that perhaps had escaped in the past or that was not yet clear in your mind. Often, however, fate does not make us understand well what is happening and, therefore, open our eyes and do not miss a train that may not pass again.

Family and Friends
The lunar eclipse on the 5th will directly affect your home. It will be the most worrying point of the month for you. In your house breakdowns of all kinds will arise: your car could damage electrical appliances, appliances, broken pipes … you could spend the month of repairs. Harmony and problems in your house will be present, so you will worry about your whole family, especially about your children if you have them. Try not to make your children do risky sports and be attentive to be able to advise them because some of them will have problems and will need your support and advice. One of your children will need to change his image, you will be very confused and you will have to talk at length with him.

July is a good month to go on vacation because you are tired, you need to free your mind, disconnect from your problems and people. You need to rest and sleep. A good massage from time to time will relax you and bring you back to reality.

If you have exams, they will go well and you will pass the course, but without further ado, without great marks. You are pending the changes in the study plan, for the next year, which creates restlessness and you are on the lookout.

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