Pisces Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

Pisces Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

Start a new month Pisces and we are in your season so, enjoy everything you can and above all, have faith that everything that comes will be good. You have been very stressed, and in fact, even now you are too.

There is something that occasionally comes back to your mind and makes your head think more about the account. If you have already closed something, do not reconsider if you should open it Pisces. There, leave the doubts aside and move on. Be that as it may and whatever happened. It is important.pisces monthly horoscope for march 2020

On March 4, Venus enters Pisces and the truth is that you feel you want some emotional stability in all your relationships. And if there isn’t or they don’t give it to you, door. Pisces is over, you have it super clear. So, from now on only what it adds up. You may have a rather big and strong disappointment with someone you thought was on your face or had another way of thinking. But no, it turns out that he only seems to think of you when he is interested in something. Try not to turn that around because, in the end, you will end up being bitter simply for others … It’s sad but it’s like that.

You don’t want dramas. There is an anger that Pisces has been coming for some time now and that anger is that it is with someone you care about, or who at least, you consider important in your life. Talk about the things, Little Fish, even if you are the first step. Sometimes it is better to be at peace than to be right. And if this is something that worries you, try to fix it as soon as possible. Please.

On March 9, Mercury ends retrograde and there is also a full moon in Virgo. You are aware that there are things that must be finished as soon as possible, especially those related to something that obsesses you a lot. If it can’t be, it doesn’t have to be, don’t turn it over, please.

It is important. You may come a little down when the Moon in Virgo “teaches you” things you don’t want to see or that you thought were unthinkable. You will drop a blindfold that made you very blind with a person. There may be people who manipulate the people you love. Pisces care.

On March 16, Mercury returns to Pisces and you will notice that you go one step further in everything. What you once believed at first, now you question it, and you question it too much. You’ll make use of your sixth sense, Little Fish, and like it or not, you’ll see things that may leave you a little shocked. But now, the truth is better, although it hurts …

As of March 21, the Aries season begins and to you, so much fire makes you very nervous. You will be wanting to do everything Pisces, too active / but a little out of control and without order. Take care of the impulse moments when you will be able to leave everything to achieve a momentary dream. If it is the dream of your life, go ahead, but if it is something that has just arrived, better wait.

Be that as it may, the Aries season also makes you feel good about yourself, and helps you be a bit more positive and optimistic about everything. Enjoy your month because, although there are things that hurt, it will always be for good later. It’s your season, don’t forget it, always strong.