Pisces Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

Pisces Monthly Horoscope for May 2021

At the beginning of the month, you find it difficult to communicate with your close friends and you tend to impose your vision of things on everyone. Your principles seem surprising because they contrast with your usual way of functioning. But Venus will help facilitate exchanges from the 17th, and this is an opportunity to relaunch the discussions smoothly and smoothly. This way, you will make everyone feel respected and loved, and your initiatives will help reestablish an agreement that has been a bit upset lately. Venus invites you to consolidate your family, to form one, or to expand it. She is counting on Jupiter in your sign this month to improve your life. New perspectives open, you come out of the shadows.

This month of May for Pisces will be very changeable and busy due to the lunar eclipse on the 26th. The most important thing will be money, work, and health. The lucky numbers for May: 4-5-6-15-16-24-25-26.pisces monthly horoscope for may 2021

In love, this month will go well for you. If you are married or with a partner, everything will flow and you will get along very well. You will continue with your usual rhythm. If you are single, you will remain alone. It is not a month for love. You will go out a little because you will be busy with other things.

Unfortunately, a not easy period begins for you on a sentimental level. Venus moves in Gemini, then in the square but also Mercury moves in the same zodiac sign, creating slight ill-humor within the love relationship, creating misunderstandings and obstacles that can only be resolved and overcome if your relationship lasts for years and above all is very stable.

New partners run the risk of realizing that it may not be the time to move on. Under this astrological sky, it is very easy to discover the characteristic sides of your partner that are not ideal for you and in tune with what you want deep in your soul. Basically, the stars want to test their feelings towards the partner and those they feel for you. Not the whole month will be difficult, for example, the first week could flow quite well. It won’t be easy for singles to get close to someone.

Social Life
As for social life, it won’t be much, but you will hang out with your friends when you can, from time to time. Between work and family, you won’t have much time to go out.

At work, there will be changes and instability, but these changes do not have to be bad. This is due to the lunar eclipse on the 26th, which will especially impact your Sign. Everything will depend on each one, on how they are taken and dealt with. You have to be prepared and adapt without fear. They are changes that affect the company you work for, which will be forced to make drastic changes. Whether you have a job or not, you will get good job offers. Study them, because they will be interesting for you.

Getting everything and immediately at work is not easy but solving some problems and overcoming obstacles is possible thanks to the support of Jupiter and Saturn in transit through the astrological 12th house. In fact, someone could help them cope with a not very simple period at work and in which perhaps, from the second half of May, expenses increase and profit opportunities decrease.

With Mercury in Gemini from May 5, be attentive to not very clear business proposals, which perhaps hide something, a trap. Do not trust all those who come to you talking about great occasions that cannot be realized. Go slowly and look around you, believing above all in your qualities, qualities, and characteristics. It is not easy to solve bureaucratic situations in the second part of the month and it would also be good to abandon small financial or real estate investments.

Money and Luck
Money will be the best of the month. You will start to deposit more money each month. They can raise your salary or if you have a business, it can start to work very well and you will earn more money. You will really feel rich. You will be able to indulge yourself, with which you have long dreamed of. Your standard of living rises and you feel special.

You are preparing the way for a very special year in which Jupiter will be with you after 12 years in a stable way and for many months but its transit through your sky will already take place this year on two occasions. If the aroma of luck seems to be still far from you, however, you can feel it and this is great because it allows you not to fall into the usual pessimism and melancholy that follows a closure in the usual world of illusions and dreams with open eyes.

This May sky asks you to be more concrete despite the difficulties that lie ahead and to heal the body more because with Mars trine with the zodiac sign Cancer, you can get up and find the right balance between mind, body, and spirit. . Little news not so positive at the end of the month, but nothing alarming. If you feel like you can’t move on your own, then ask for the support of someone you trust.

Family and Friends
The family will also be affected by the eclipse on the 26th and you will see how everyone turns to you. Your understanding and your good advice will be needed by everyone: parents, children, siblings. Your home is your home, but this month it will be in turmoil. If you have older children, they could have work problems and your parent’s problems of all kinds. You can control everything. Do not be afraid, because you will know how to help them.

This month you will be in good health, but with less energy. You will feel tired and you will not be able to do everything you usually do. You will feel that your strength is failing. This is due to the lunar eclipse on the 26th, which will affect you especially in some aspects of your life. You will have to rest and sleep more, a week before the 26th and 6 days after. Until you feel yourself again.

In May you are especially fit and in a good mood and you will really want to have fun, to move, to meet new people. Do not deprive yourself of it. Pisces has astrological affinities with the world of photography, so why not take advantage of the thousands of photos you probably have in albums that are much more enjoyable to browse with your family. You can group them by dates, but also by subject or by people. Not only will you have fun with your memories, but you can count on the help of your family and, in the end, you will surely make someone very happy. Of course, do not forget to do some physical exercise so as not to lose shape or gain too much weight.

If you are a student, it will be regular. The lunar eclipse will not affect you and you will be able to continue with your study rhythm. You may not get very good grades, because family problems will affect you, but you will pass the exams.

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