Pisces Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

Pisces Monthly Horoscope of October 2020

This month of October for Pisces will be very hectic in every way. The most important thing will be to work, love, and health. The lucky numbers for October will be 1-2-4-5-9-10-17-18-26-27-31. The future is extremely interesting and attractive, like a magnet. Also, it is very difficult to characterize our attitude to him unequivocally: then we try to find out about him, then we are afraid of any information about him. However, more often we show interest than a denial that is why horoscopes are the most popular among them, the language that the stars speak to us about the future. A variety of horoscopes on love, finances, money, family, health in October 2020 for Pisces, read below.

During the first two weeks, Pisces will be somewhat confused. The reactions of the one you love may not live up to your expectations. Your romance with Aries will suffer ambiguous situations that will herald paths. Libra will offer his lover moments full of harmony. In the professional field, the best contacts will be with Virgo and Scorpio. On the other hand, with Sagittarius, misunderstandings will occur. In his friends, Pisces will find affection and support. You will share good times with them, attending shows, or taking courses on topics of interest to you. Taurus, Cancer, Leo, and Capricorn will be the ones he will frequent most assiduously.pisces monthly horoscope of october 2020

Put aside your doubts about how you should do things and just… act safely! October will be a very rich time since many Pisces will find a new path in their lives, a meaning, an idea that will be the engine of their triumphs. He will do it with his weapons, without depending on anyone. You will have to keep confusion at bay, dismiss other people’s opinions, and be guided by intuition of what is good for you. On the sentimental level, there will be happy news. Dating and marriages at the door and lasting partnerships. At the end of October, warm Piscean hearts may cool a little, but passion will keep relationships alive.

Pisces Astrology October 2020
Pisces has soft and imprecise edges, is sensitive to any suggestion, very emotional, poetic, imaginative, and restless. Sometimes she has premonitions. Fantasy and reality combine. You will have to focus, as Jupiter, Mars, and Venus in opposition from Virgo join Saturn in Sagittarius, square to your sign; which will not be easy at all. The areas affected will be almost all: be it the area of work, where you will suffer stress and various tensions, to the personal area, where you will feel conflicted and abandoned. In the workplace, it will be necessary to face different types of aggressions, including tormented relationships with colleagues and clients, in addition to the need to move wisely in their relationships with superiors. He will not do better as a couple, where he will feel a great emotional emptiness, or with himself, since he will be very nervous. Beware of evasion: you will gain more confusion.

Pisces Predictions October 2020
October will be conducive to consolidating positions for which the natives of Pisces have been striving for a long time. At work level, good luck will accompany them during the first week of the month. Then, a certain tension will be generated about your partners. In love, the best opportunities will come in the aforementioned period. Later, Pisceans who already live as a couple will discover that in addition to flowers in love there are thorns and they will have to overcome certain disagreements.

If you are in a relationship or married, you will do very well and your love life will be very active. Your libido will go through the roof. Take action if you are not looking to get pregnant. During the 2nd fortnight, sparks could fly between you. Control yourself, but ignore it. Let the month-end and it will pass. You don’t have to make crazy decisions. If you are single, you could start a romantic relationship with someone. Be tolerant and give yourself the time to listen and get to know the other person well before judging and choosing.

You will need to clarify your feelings and emotions. Mars, Jupiter, and then Venus in Virgo will make you very nervous, so you could overreact to the manifestations of your partner. Controversies, fights, reproaches, and punishments can become common currency, be careful! Neptune in Pisces does not let you see clearly, as it will make you more confused, emotional, and indecisive. In a wavering frame of mind, you won’t know if you love your partner or if you can’t stand him anymore. Try to relax by some means.
Without tears or complaints, Pisces will have to reconsider and understand that no path is free of thorns. The disagreements that could occur will not cause ruptures but, on the contrary, will aim to perfect the bond. Once the second fortnight has begun, the smile will once again appear on the face of this hypersensitive son of Neptune. The romantic relationship with Aries will suffer from ambiguous situations. The bond with Gemini will demand prudence since both will be more susceptible than usual. Instead, romance with Libra will achieve the harmony that you both desire.

Pisceans are by nature very affectionate and sensitive, however, it is a good thing that they were not so immediately enthusiastic about new love relationships and, on the contrary, they allowed time to pass for recent relationships to mature enough before taking one. definitive decision. Anyway, October will be a suitable month for celebrations in everything related to romances. Some new links will have as a starting point the workplace since Cupid will circulate arrowing hearts.

Desire will be like a magical elixir in love relationships, almost perfect during the first three weeks of October, in which they will be treated with sweetness, understanding, and generosity. Those who have not yet formed a couple will have a thousand opportunities to start a new relationship with very good omens. If they are in love but until today they did not dare to confess what they feel, they will finally know how to reach the heart of the person they love. There will be Pisceans who, surprised, will be the subject of an unexpected declaration of love. After the 20th, fears and insecurities will haunt you.

Social Life
Your social life will be active, as always, although you will limit yourself to your close friends. You would rather meet or go out in a petit committee than go to big parties. But this month, you will clean up those friends, with whom you no longer connect or that you consider toxic. It’s a good idea to eliminate anything that negatively affects you. You will feel refreshed.

In October the most important thing is work and advancing your profession. So focus on improving, set goals, and go for them. What you manage to do this month will be very important for the following months. Saturn in Sagittarius, along with Jupiter, Mars, and Venus in Virgo encourage and speaks of great dissatisfaction on a professional level. Relations with colleagues at work will be more than complicated, put cold water cloths. Uranus in Aries gives you brilliant ideas, smart initiatives, and innovative projects. If a colleague contradicts you or says something out of place, try to ignore them. In this way, the aggressions will fall into the void, as it should be. Work matters more.

Pisces natives will do well not to let anxiety play havoc with their nervous system. The practice of outdoor activities will help them fight those ghosts that scare them. Your Virgo partner will be able to stand out in the group by favoring the possibility of contacting those who bring them good opportunities. The ability to act efficiently that Scorpio will demonstrate will qualify you to become the most suitable partner for Pisces. Aquarius has such a sense of timing that they will always act at the most convenient time.

The work activities of Pisceans will enjoy very good health in this period. Although there will be differences in the ways of thinking between partners, the natives of Pisas will be in a position to reach agreements that are beneficial to both parties. The outstanding feature of the period will be the high degree of creativity displayed by these children of Neptune. Perhaps, it is not appropriate to intensify contacts with the outside since a retrograde and badly located Mercury will not help to make good deals. In this matter, it will be convenient to wait for the new period to arrive.

The month of October is very good to get in touch with the former tenor, but maybe the money will keep you waiting a bit. Of course, Pisceans will have to put aside the indolence that characterizes them, to dedicate themselves fully to consolidating their employment and economic situation. It will be convenient for them to say everything they think, at the right moment, without mincing words. They will not only listen to you, but you will gain valuable allies who will work with you for a long time. They will be expressed with precision and sharpness. No one will resist agreeing with them. They have to make the most of the first three weeks of October.

Of money, you will be regular. The bad world economic situation affects everyone’s economy. You have been lazy for a month now and you will continue to be. You should rethink your accounting, try to restrict superfluous expenses, forget about whims, and spend what is just and necessary.

Your family will be fine. But your attitude at home will be to put everything in order, to create space, for new things and new energies. This includes giving away or throwing away everything that no longer goes with you. You need new energy of all kinds. A war wind probably blows within the family nucleus. No matter what you do, you will be invaded by difficulties and tensions that will overwhelm you. Try not to exaggerate problems, avoid fighting and offending others. Pluto in Capricorn could cause you some disorientation and manipulation in the bond with your friends. The only way to feel good will be to clarify your ideas and learn to express what you feel. Closing in on yourself will not resolve any conflict.

Your health will be fine. Your energies will be fine, but you should do a cleansing diet to eliminate all the toxins that you have accumulated throughout the summer. Do not forget to exercise daily, to tone your muscles. You will feel stronger.

The good circumstances that will surround the Pisceans during October will help them to be encouraged. As these natives tend to somatize their conflicts, the fewer worries they have, the better their health will be. In any case, it will not hurt to keep in mind that excess sweets cause a depressive effect on the body. Although, eating something sweet makes you feel more vigorous in a moment, then after half an hour there is a rebound effect that generates a strong discouragement. Therefore, it is advisable to replace sweets and desserts with fruits whose sugars do not have this effect.

Few health problems this October for Pisces, although the last week of October will be of some risk for women of the sign, who will have to have their gynecological tests up to date. Also, at this time, both Pisces could suffer discomfort in the throat or the ears, for which it is convenient for them to avoid drafts and refrain from drinking too cold drinks. In general, it will be a time of vitality and general well-being. Those who wear glasses would do well to visit the ophthalmologist, to find out whether or not they need higher magnification.

During the first part of October, the adverse conditions that will face the natives of Pisces with their friends will continue. Fortunately, how much and good they always gave will become their best shield, making those who love them well end up understanding them. In the second part of October, the clouds will disappear and the good times will reappear in the life of the Pisces. With Taurus, they will share an intense interest in astrology. This friend will help you avoid dispersion and deepen your study. Together with Cancer, he will enjoy different shows.

The intellectual life will be lazy. You would rather watch TV or meet close friends. If you are a student, you will not do very well, you will not hook with classes and exams or tests, if you do, you will just pass them.

Astral Advice of October for Pisces
Try to solve with your intuition and sensitive qualities the relationship problems that arise, whether it is the couple, partners, or relationships in general. Be as clear as possible, as you will be dominated by fantasy and may lose sight of your goals.

Dynamized finances and magnetism on the rise Pisces friend! The Sun in Libra until the 22nd gives you a particular power of attraction, a bit disturbing! Mars in Aries powerfully drives your expanding financial sector, inputs, and outputs where a balance will be found. Uranus pushes the first decan to open up to other modes of expression, some unexpected movements will be beneficial. The second decan, you still receive Neptune, your planet, you the spiritual flight! Venus in front of your sign, from 4 to 28, gives you a place of honor before others, to your conjugal or associative life. Until the 28th, Mercury in Scorpio gives you mental strength, your thoughts are deep, without pettiness. The friendly sector improved, what is solid is anchored, what is fragile disappears, the last two deans. Since 23, administrative facilities.

Loving panorama: Your sentimental nature is more complex than it seems, the planets have fun with you! On the one hand, Venus from 4 to 28 favors your loves, while Mars in Aries causes discomfort due to this abrupt energy, your libido is not bellicose. Also, refocus on your innate romanticism, don’t listen to that wild little voice in you.

If you are in a relationship: A lot of intensity in you during the month, something to give you even more. You share your feelings easily, your communication is intuitive, deep, and awake. The only downside is that the fearlessness of Mars could introduce a bit of sensual aggressiveness or a bit of inappropriate possessiveness. Show him your love with all your pure romance!

If you are single: Your determination will be important, but put the forms! Venus from 4 to 28 and Uranus favor an encounter with a person who will probably become your life partner within your environment. Your calm nature being ultra-dynamic for Mars, don’t go too fast. My Horoscope for the Day tip: Planets cause some energy contrasts that you will have to adapt to. You can swim through all currents and in all climates! Also, zero worries. You cross this month with your usual indifference, a significant factor in your well-being!

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