Pisces Monthly Horoscope September 2020

Pisces Monthly Horoscope September 2020

This month of September for Pisces will be very hectic in every way. The most important thing will be love, social life, work, family, and health. The lucky numbers for September will be 1-2-3-6-7-11-12-20-21-24-25-29-30.

If you are in a relationship or married, you will do very well. Your romantic relationship will be the best of the month. Shared love, romanticism, and complicity will make you feel special and happy. Your partner will enjoy an enviable financial situation and will help you. Enjoy !!! If you are single, it will be a month of sporadic relationships and you will enjoy the game of seduction. You love taking the opposite gender crazy behind you !!!pisces monthly horoscope september 2020

Social Life
Your social life will be very active. You will want to go out with friends and have fun. Maybe you go on a trip alone because you feel very independent and you will want to go your own way and be alone, going on an adventure and meeting new people and cultures. Do not go out, because you are very tired and you should rest.

This September, it will be very hard at work. You will have to double your efforts to achieve your goals. It will be complicated. If you are an employee, you will fight to have good results and that the company is satisfied with you. You will dedicate yourself to looking for new ideas, to attract people’s attention and make your business or work better. Take advantage of this break, to plan your long-term work and professional future.

Money and Luck
Of money, you will be regular. The bad economic situation is affecting you a lot. You will have to work twice as hard to earn less. It will cost you a lot to sell if you dedicate yourself to this, but you will turn the tables, as long as you continue to receive the same income. You will be expectant, like everyone else.

Family and Friends
Your family will be fine and you won’t have to worry about them. Take the opportunity to put your house in order and clean it well, with their help. A clean and tidy house has better energy. If you have old junk to throw away, don’t hesitate: throw it out. If you have clothes that no longer fit you, you can give them away. Run the energies and you will benefit.

Your health will be regular. Your energies will be very low and you will feel tired. It would be important that you dedicate yourself to rest, sleep your hours, to regain strength. Sleep, daily exercise even walking, massages … Whatever you feel like to recover your energy and vitality.

Intellectual life will be very lazy. You are tired and you will not feel like studying or reading. If you are a student, you will not want to go to class or study. You will have to work hard, to gradually get into the course.

Venus reinforces your desires and your desire for seduction, from the 6th, encourages you to put yourself at the service of the other. It’s no longer about attracting attention and impressing the gallery, but about showing goodwill and empathy. You serve the community, you make yourself available to the other. A period in which the needs of the ego fade to give way to the dedication, Pisces friend, to joint management of daily life and the expectations of those around you.

1st decan (February 19 – February 29): Goodwill appreciated!
Since July, you have been crossing a quiet area that allows you to breathe and take advantage of this temporary environment to have a good time. Between the 6th and the 15th, Venus invites you to train in the service of the other. You enthusiastically dedicate yourself to the cause and receive recognition from your loved ones. Take this opportunity to close ranks because, as of the 26th, Uranus is reinvesting in the area of communication with your environment and putting electricity in the air.

2nd decan (March 1 – March 10): keep your feet on the ground!
The current flows, the other likes the way you present things, speak and act, it is time to make plans together, but imperatively consult the other who discovers that you are floating above reality. If between the 15th and the 24th, Venus makes you want to fill your loved ones, to fulfill their wishes, check if you are on the same wavelength to avoid managing the financing of your plans without taking into account your means.

3rd decan (March 11 – March 20): overzealous or spending strongly discouraged!
If you aspire to change your destiny, to open the future more in line with the evolution achieved, count on others who will support you if you do not waste your money on unlikely projects. A constructive dialogue ensures the support of those who matter, the blocks dissipate. Do not compromise these advances by imposing your vision of things or spending without counting your money or that of the community, these excesses would not happen.

By taking others into account, you will most likely be unanimous. However, if you play it personally, be careful. Venus recommends that in September you serve the common cause as well as your own.

The first week
The 1st, with the desire to convince the other to follow you? You are scoring points.
The 2nd, the full moon illuminates you, but maintain a sense of solidarity to avoid frustration. Bet on your originality to surprise and seduce.
The 3rd, lift the brakes and blocks that delay the completion of your projects.
The 4th, don’t abuse your charm to get more than you get. Negotiate, don’t try to force your way through.

The second week
On the 9th, you present your projects that inspire crowds. Take the opportunity to win the vote and encourage others to support your initiatives.
The 11th, avoid dreaming too much to continue convincing. Keep a sense of limits.

The second week
The 14th, if you want to transform your life, see the future from a different perspective, you can make others aware of your focus.
The 15th, do not try to distinguish yourself and form a team so that people do not mistrust you.
On the 17th, do not overestimate your means to avoid uncontrolled sliding. The new moon recommends teaming up and maintaining dialogue and removing some of the barriers that prevent you from moving forward.

The fourth week
The 21st, some negotiations end if you ask too much. Lower the tone instead of leading the stalled debates.
On the 23rd, your requests seem impractical, if you ignore your budget, you will end the day frustrated and disappointed.
On the 24th, you are thirsty to use your full potential, but if you force the way, it will not work.
The 29th, bet on your willingness to serve the common cause instead of asking too much, at the risk of hitting a wall.

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