Pisces October 2018 Love, Health Luck and Money Horoscope

Pisces October 2018 Love, Health Luck and Money Horoscope

This month of October for the horoscope Pisces will be a happy month. The most important thing will be love, work and profession and social life. Lucky numbers for October: 2-3-10-11-17-18-19-20-21-29-30.

Pisces love October 2018
In love it will be fantastic this month. If you do not have a partner, you will find her this month. You will be attracted to foreign or spiritual people. You will meet her in a meeting or seminar or talk about these topics. If you are young and you are in the Institute or in the University, you will meet her there. If you have a girlfriend or a couple, it will be a very romantic and happy month.

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Pisces social life October 2018
As for the social life will be very active. You will have a trip abroad and you will make a good friendship with someone from abroad or, as we have already seen, you could fall in love. Social life is important and you know it, wherever it comes from. You are happy with your friends and interacting in general. Take advantage of everything you can get out of them.

Pisces work October 2018
Work will go very well this month. You are going to propose to take a work trip or go to do an internship in a foreign country. You will love it and you will get much out of it. Little by little you are dominating your profession and you are going situation. All the projects that you assign or that you present, are successful and that makes you feel very good and gives you security in yourself, satisfaction.

Pisces money October 2018
The money will be fine. If you have to invest in something, the first 3 weeks are better. You still have very good intuition, for investments of all kinds: Stock exchange, real estate, business … Your altruistic inclination and help towards others, will bring you easy and surprising money. If you have savings to invest, this is a good month.

Pisces home and family October 2018
In October you will be little at home. Your work and the relationship with your friends, will take you to travel and to go out a lot, therefore the family will see you very little. They will not care because they will see you happy, active and very involved in your profession, something to feel pride and satisfaction thanks to you.

Pisces health October 2018
Your health will be excellent. You will feel with a lot of energy and strength. The only advice to give you, is that you need to detoxify your body. If you do a Detox diet, you will feel even better. You will have very high libido, if you do not have a partner, use contraception. You could take a surprise!

Pisces studies October 2018
If you are a student you will do very well. You will be very motivated and your grades in the first exams of the course will be fantastic. You will feel proud of yourself. No matter how old you are, spiritual and religious themes will attract you.