Pisces Today Horoscope 18 April 2017

Pisces Today Horoscope 18 April 2017 today, The influence of the Moon on a sign of earth and other astrological aspects that are happening this Monday. You are sincere and honest and when someone is not with you you feel cheated, but remember that in life everyone reacts according to their own personality and you can not expect others to think or act like you. Put your Piscean empathy to work because now more than other times you will need it.

A person who is looking for a recommendation from you will make that request today, it is likely that you must speak clearly about the plans you have for the future, you might consider having your help in exchange for this favor you will make.

A period of transformation is always good for people, it helps them to feel better about themselves and to change for the better during their journey, we must all change and we will do it even if we do not want it, since the circumstances of life transform us.

An elderly woman will give you a very wise advice today, so it is very likely that after that you feel with relief and with a tranquility that you did not have before.

This is not the time to make hasty decisions in business, you have to be very attentive to the opportunities that come, remember that open windows are always possible for those who decide to make a business agreement or a financial deal.
Pisces Today’s lucky numbers: 5, 8, 10, 13, 14, 36.

Pisces Today Love, Health, Work Horoscope 18 April 2017

Love. You will not have a hard time making people around you feel comfortable and loved by you right now. You will enjoy a very open and conciliatory character in this day and you will know how to treat others well and make them feel comfortable.
You have very ambitious dreams for which you will have to work hard and you will not leave all that aside for another person, you have it very clear.

Money and work. At the moment you will be very determined and that will help you to overcome any unexpected situation and any job challenge that can present right now before you. Neptune will make it easier for you to see things in a much more global and long-term way, so you will not get lost in minor details.
Today a partner will ask you for your honest opinion and when you tell her, she will be angry with you. It will frustrate you that you will not be able to accept criticism.

Health. If you manage to be lively and serene, you will get through the day very well and any discomfort you may have will disappear even if you have time for it. Today the discomfort will tend to disappear or at least to be reduced enough. There is nothing negative at the moment, but you may be worrying too much about a lack of energy, fatigue or tiredness. If so, check your food, add supplements to it, but if you continue to see your doctor.

Today the lies you’ve been saying lately will be discovered. You will realize that it is not worth it to hide things from those around you.

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