Pisces Today Horoscope Monday 1st May 2017

Pisces Today Horoscope Predictions Monday 1st May 2017

Do not let yourself be trampled by others. Today you have to be the leader. You must express your opinion so that people know what you think. Put a little fire in your day to generate energy and encourage things a little. If you exercise your power as it should, instead of wasting it indiscriminately, you will experience a profound internal transformation.

You may be making a short trip in a few days for family reasons. Chance is turning you around and in this cycle your Piscean intuition receives astral influences when you go to bed.

Do not neglect the signals and messages that come to you tonight as there may be money and more than just a dream in them. Open your eyes well because the encounters and circumstances that occur from now on can change your life in a shocking way in this month of May that is already at the doors.

Soon you will have the good news that you need so much in the study / work. You are intelligent, Pisces, much more than you and the people around you believe you are, but for a real change you need to seriously consider it.

If you are looking for a better job offer, this will come but you have to have patience to see the economic improvement that will come, but in time. If you are anxious or need better grades in class, these will come and you will feel calmer.

You must remember that things will not come to you by magic, who must put everything of himself to advance you are. There comes a pleasant surprise in the family, it will be good news related to money.

That great improvement in the economy will make you feel better, it will lift your spirits. A reunion with friends you have not seen for a long time makes the day, one of them will give you news that you can not believe. Pisces, if you think these have been months of many surprises, you can not imagine what is coming for the month of May. Are you ready?

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