Pisces Today Horoscope Monday 8th May 2017

Pisces Today Horoscope Predictions Monday 8th May 2017

Your partner is a little tired, do not ignore their claims, they must find the time to share and regain mutual trust and tenderness. In all his being there is the energy necessary to put “hands to the work”, must learn to incorporate in his life an innate survival instinct that impels him to the constant movement: work, change of place, manufactures, creates, does not stop, Work in harmony with those around you, produce beauty, provide comfort, realize your ideas … do not sit still and you will soon discover the transmuting power of creativity in action … Remember that the external movement generates an internal movement … which is what you need in their life.

Your Pisces sign is receiving a very positive outpouring of your Regent Neptune and the planet Venus. Introduce changes in your lifestyle and you will revitalize your relationship and brighten your partner in privacy. It can be from a bold and different underwear, or something you can think of, you have enough creativity to do it, and you will achieve it. Do not fret about that refusal, it really suited you right now to be somewhat removed from someone who was not a good influence in your life.


The Moon continues to travel through Libra. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. The time came to cause astonishment and admiration in your love life. Do not wait, that person expects you to take that bold step that will change the tone of your love relationship. Pay attention to the signals he is sending you, the hints and innuendo.

Do not stay without achieving what you expect in love, start by making small changes, if you have a partner, in the daily relationship they are carrying, in addition to that, speak what you dream and expect from the other.

Start a very good day for Pisces, you need to take all your energy and prepare for a day of work and effort, it is time to put aside the laziness or the desire to rest, there is much to do during the day.

Love needs a lot of attention from you, it is likely that the person who is next to you will ask you to make more efforts to see yourself or to take on much more of the relationship that you are carrying.

You need to become aware of what is important in life and what we can do to see well the opportunities around us and one of the fundamental things to achieve this is to stop repressing the inner desires as well as your dreams.

In this period you are hypersensitive. Do not use your body as a laboratory taking whatever pill they recommend or incorporating unknown substances in your body in the hope of improving your health.

There is a key position where you expect to work which can be yours in a very short time. The only thing you need to achieve it is your discipline and constancy and above all your spirit and disposition. With that good attitude you will achieve your purposes.

Apply your Pisces intelligence, tenacity and intuition to a new project and you will get all the economic benefit possible. A friendly person will make an important proposition that you must study because there is money in it and many possibilities of future development.
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