Pisces Today Horoscope, Psychic Predictions Friday 5th May 2017

Pisces Today Horoscope, Psychic Readings, Predictions Friday 5th May 2017

Pisces Today Friday 5th May 2017 the Moon is passing through the sign of Virgo – which is your opposite – in the fourth growing phase, and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde.
Today he respects your elders. You may discover that they want to teach you and that they possess great wisdom that they try to make you reach. Also, your superiors play an important role in today’s activities, so be sure to get close to them and listen carefully to what they have to tell you. Put extreme attention and awareness in the kind of message you project through the language of your body.

With the transit of the Moon to your opposite sign you will be in a new sentimental scenario. This is the Friday of the unexpected and unusual because your sign is tinged with the strong energy of the Moon attached to the direct action of your ruler, the planet Neptune. Show your temper and do not inhibit streets when you are in front of the person you are interested in. However, due to an interaction between Jupiter and Saturn, both retrograde, it is very likely that you face a situation that will require all your knowledge to successfully overcome it, the good news is that you can do it. You will have to focus your attention and put the acquired experience to work and apply it, you will see how well you go, Pisces.


Today Friday 5th May 2017 the Moon is passing through the sign of Virgo – which is your opposite – in the fourth growing phase, and the planets Jupiter, Saturn, and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. You will do something that will really appreciate that person who shares life with you and is looking for something that is different. If you have a relationship so enrich it with a fun tone.

Today keep things clear and energetic. You can not go wrong if you follow your heart. In fact, you can trust him for almost every situation you are in. Some people will be a bit fierce, and you will find that keeping peace is no easy task. If something needs to be said, say so. It is not a day to lie down and relax. It’s a day for action.

You will receive a strange communication from a person who does not leave his name and whose voice you do not recognize. However, it will sound like something important and you will be annoyed thinking about it all afternoon. How do you answer a call if you do not leave your ID? Do not go crazy. It is not worth distressing. If it is important, the person will call back. Remember this all day long.

If you have had health problems associated with the gall bladder or the digestive tract, take great care of your diet so you do not make mistakes or propasate when it comes to meals. Everything can be done in a balanced way and you will see how you feel better.

Do not be surprised if you encounter some emotional obstacles today. People will be stubborn and difficult. You may be trying to provoke someone with your attitude and your tendency to drama. If your efforts do not seem to work, you may prefer to withdraw; Save your energy for a more propitious moment.

This is a good cycle for you, Pisces, since you have the direct effluvia of the Moon in your opposite sign and the direct energy of Mars which creates a true nucleus of action within your working life. You will recover something that you once had and helped you a lot in your working life.

Today you may need to pay attention to the little things. You may need to make some phone calls to clarify some minor issues in your life. It is a good day to arrange appointments, respond correspondence and manage the bank account. Maybe you should go to the bank, mail or copy center to do errands and you can put them as an excuse to get some fresh air.

Very soon you will have in your hands the resources necessary to successfully confront and resolve the problems that have arisen recently associated with your economy, money and business on your own.

Pisces Daily Love, Luck and Health Psychic Readings 5th May 2017

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You want to change. Fights by inheritance. Problems of the family are brought to face. HEALTH: It’s up to you to take on roles that deplete you. MONEY: You spend twice as much. Watch out. WORK: Solve your conflicts. LOVE: You have forgiven. Do not neglect again. SINGLE: Someone from your very home is betraying you. ASTROLOGICAL NUMBER: 5.