Pisces Today Horoscope Sunday 21st May 2017

Pisces Today Horoscope Zodiac Predictions Sunday 21st May 2017

There is a strong impact on your sign with the transit of the Moon by it and the enhanced charisma of your personality. On the other hand, you have to stand firm so that those unemployed people who spend all their time behind the computer or in a social environment are not being harassed or wasting time lost and think that the rest of humanity does the same as them, Demanding attention and demanding space and time. Take care of your privacy, your rest, your work, you can not live in function of others.

The Moon continues in transit through your sign, Pisces, and today begins to rule the sign of Gemini in many countries. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto remain retrograde. The lunar influence, associated with the movement of your regent, Neptune, direct, set the parameters so that your love life is now projected as it should be. It is possible that you have recently made a decision that now makes you sad, but check it well, and if it was what suited you, do not backtrack, if on the contrary you think you made a mistake, then rectify it.

Beware of domestic accidents, Pisces! This weekend you tend to be somewhat careless in the house, especially in the kitchen or if you are going to perform some type of work involving climbing stairs or manipulating electrical equipment. With a little attention, there will be no problems.

Make a plan to put order in your affairs before the end of May and so when you start June you will not have accumulated emails on your servers, or pending tasks that you must perform. You can be more effective as you organize.

There will be options in front of you that will help you to win something more, especially now you come up with ideas that you should not dismiss. The main thing is that you put them to work as soon as possible, do not let time pass without doing it, then you would regret the missed opportunity.

Eat in moderation and you can avoid major stomach problems. Implement self-control when making unnecessary expenses. This is not a good time to invest or buy real estate.

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In love everything runs on wheels. A creative imagination enables you to overcome difficulties, overcome obstacles and even achieve success and pleasure in the possibility of providing a service to others. Talk to people you have known for a long time to help you focus your current major problem elsewhere.

It will be very important and liberating to talk to someone special about your problems. During this day these natives will find themselves in a bad mood, tyrants and arrogant, which will cause the collapse of the family harmony.

In your work this advice will be fundamental, since it is possible that you are having a feeling of boredom with regard to the tasks that you must do, if you have not chosen to change your workplace, then it was your decision to stay in that place, Therefore, you must do well the tasks that are entrusted to you.

You are not advancing well in what you have long proposed, it is time to be in the race again to achieve your goals, do not let the circumstances of life away from the central objective you have put.

You have in mind a very special person, but you think it is an unrequited love, it is important that you speak and say what you feel, if you do not feel the same as you, then you can always try, but it is better to leave there Fantasy and give you the opportunity to meet someone else.
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