Pisces Today Horoscope Sunday 7th May 2017

Pisces Today Horoscope Predictions Sunday 7th May 2017

A love that you have not seen for a long time could come back today, there is probably no possibility of anything serious between you, but if you find yourself without a partner, you can always enjoy a good time together with a person you already know well.

You have a lot in your mind, you are beginning to create fantasy worlds with respect to a person you have known very recently, which could lead you to demand things that should not be yet, you are just in the period of knowing yourself, do not rush things , Put your feet back on the ground.

Today you will receive an invitation from a dear friend, but you will be tempted to reject, do not do it, take advantage of the time lost.

In the labor field, it would be best not to be caught by shyness or not to trust in their own merits. You have all the strength to get ahead. Come on. Fish that have not yet formed a stable pair, benefited by magnetic influences of the Moon and Venus rays, will show a strong power of seduction, and will have no problem making gains. Excellent results for the field of love. From time to time disconnect from the situations that daily harass them is, mainly, essential for the health care. Do not miss this opportunity to do so.

Love needs a return to reverie and fantasy between the two, are letting reality make them land too much, it is never late to dream again in couple with goals and objectives for both lives.

Now that the Moon is in a sign of the air element it is important that you take advantage of your time and do not scatter yourself in useless conversations with those who have nothing to do and disturb you with gossip and gossip. If something happened between you and your partner, a friend or someone special to you is time to forgive. If you are alone and decide to start a new life, you must do your part to overcome any obstacle and channel yourself in the sympathetic and empathic sense that you, as Pisces, know how to put your affairs.

The Moon is in Libra, the planets Jupiter, Saturn, as well as the planetoid Pluto continue retrograde, the other planets are direct. You may feel somewhat uncomfortable with some attitude from a person who has not really understood well what you felt or wanted to say. It takes everything that arises in a sporty and reflexive way.

You know very well that you have not acted very well with your partner, so you will try to do everything you can from now on to compensate you.

Do not continue to excuse yourself with that story of not having time for exercises. If you have not managed to lose weight as you expected despite the pills, diets and smoothies, the solution is more physical activity. Move and it will be better.

Your intuition will be your best ally in a major negotiation on this day. It is very possible that you have to modify your work schedules, or your lifestyle, to increase your income and improve your current working conditions.

If something does not work well wait a little until the cosmic tides have returned to their normal rhythm. The money you need is about to come to your life by a path hitherto little known by you.
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