Pisces Today Horoscope Thursday 4th May 2017

Pisces Today Horoscope & Psychic Predictions Thursday 4th May 2017

Do not leave proteins, especially those that are of vegetable origin.

If you met someone some time ago and decided not to see more, but you took the option to just walk away without explanation, be prepared to see him again or know that person today, you should always give an explanation when you no longer want to know Someone, you would not want them to do it to you.


It is important to always bear in mind that with which person we are or who have decided to form a relationship have their own personal projects, if you need to follow you for a while in yours, since both things you want each are not compatible in This moment, ask him with love and with the commitment that he will be able to realize his dreams.

Today your communication skills will be strong. You have always worked well with words, but today you will be a star! You will find that the right words are always that you need them, and that they flow easily from your mouth. Whether you are trying to make a sale or impress someone who is romantically interested, you will move forward a lot today.

Look for a way to improve your diet today, you are probably overlooking some good advice that can give you people who know about it.

Pay attention to your intuitions, Pisces. You discover that if you follow these impulses from your Inner Being you will achieve good business and increase your profits and prestige. Consider now from the possibility of spending a romantic weekend with your partner or plan a getaway with who is so important to you.

Do not let manipulative people believe you feel guilty because you are above all that, Pisces, and when you act with the integrity that characterizes you, nothing negative happens.

The Moon is in transit through Leo. The only retrograde planets are Jupiter, Saturn and the dwarf planet Pluto, and Mercury is direct. You will come out of a love affair that carries a great emotional load and may be related to someone from the past, or a friend that until now you did not see with eyes of sentimental interest.

Certain minor disorders, if not addressed are complicated. Do not ignore the spots, moles and other changes in your skin as they are often important signals for the doctor. Prevention is the key to health and well-being at all times.

Avoid complicated people in your workplace. This Wednesday will be charged due to a lot of planetary aspects that will keep you busy all the time. It limits the interruptions so that you do not delay in your tasks and above all refrain from using your cell phone during working hours.

Close to you are important people interested in what you do. If you have a project, a book to publish, an invention not patented, or, finally, some idea able to give money, take advantage of this exceptional opportunity and address them. These days of May augur prosperity and increase of income.

Pisces Daily Love, Luck and Health Psychic Predictions 4th May 2017

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