Pisces Today Horoscope Tuesday 16th May 2017

Pisces Today Horoscope Daily Predictions Tuesday 16th May 2017

The entry of the Moon into the Aquarian sign accentuates your sensibility and your intuition. Take the things presented with a philosophical and sporting attitude, Pisces, and you will see how even the most difficult ones are resolved favorably. A person without sincerity is like a love without truth, they lack the most important thing. Do not neglect your plans to face contingencies or mishaps. These final days of May will arise new situations that will put you in a unique sentimental scenario, totally different from what you might have thought in the recent past, but that will project you towards the future with a sure step.

Today, as soon as you enter a room, your energy will illuminate it. Feel the freedom to take advantage of this incredible magnetism by encouraging others to join you in creative activities or daring adventures. However, be careful that your head does not become so large that it ends up smashing your neck. Feel proud without becoming too selfish. Otherwise, you’ll end up losing your followers before they’ve started.

Today Tuesday the Moon continues by Capricorn, but moving to the sign of Aquarius. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the planetoid Pluto are retrograde. You, as a sign of water that you are, know to put aside the restlessness when it comes to planting your feet well on the ground guiding you by your wonderful Piscean intuition, which, when you follow it does not fail you. This is a happy stage in which many confusing questions are clarified.

You will come across interesting opportunities to make money, whether today or in the near future. It may be time to change jobs, one that offers you faster progress from positions and more financial stability. Once you reach a certain age working on a commission loses its appeal. You are ready for a slow, safe growth in your career. Maybe you should look for a financial advisor to advise you on the steps to take to improve your life right now.

What you do will result in your well-being and physical and mental improvement. Relax, do not try to solve problems for everyone. Remove the things that upset you and avoid the stress that is the direct cause of so many organic problems.

Today you will make a practical change, focused and reinforced by your intuition, which will help you when considering issues related to changes in your career. There are winds of change, and you must think very well about the different options that may be presented. However, you do not have to rush to make any decisions. It would be a good idea to let the different possibilities go around your unconscious for a day or two.

Often everything that seems to be negative in our lives turns out to be something extremely positive and happy. If you have a stable occupation, do not worry, everything is going well despite the comments and rumors you may be listening.

Today some traumas, phobias or past obsessions that you feel that limit you in some way could come to light. The analysis of your dreams could be very revealing. The download may be so deep that you may need to be alone for some time, perhaps away from home, to get to understand the whole picture. At the end of the day you will feel joy, because now you will see the road that will allow you to overcome some obstacles.

The work needs peace of mind to be done, you could make a mistake today for which you will receive a call and will stay in your error log, try to pay more attention and work without pressure, you need to take some time for yourself in a few days plus.

You are leaving to see your family for problems you may have had with one of its members or because you are giving high priority to your relationship, do not let this away from people who have always been with you, it will not be good for The relationship they should have in the future.

You have to make an important decision in the finances, a money you have saved could endanger you today when you have to make an unforeseen expense, do not let this happen without having a plan of action to recover the money that you will have to invest.

The resources used for good nutrition will never be misused. Save on the rest, but never on your emotional tranquility. As for a money that you must have very good news and soon you will recover an investment, something that you needed at the time, you lost, and now it comes back to your hands.

In the labor field, it would be good if you do not intend to get away from the routine in a crazy way. Discard on this day extravagances and night out soaked with alcohol. It is time for you to feel your head and to carry out your tasks normally. Order your life a little and everything will be better. Remember it and keep it in mind. On the side of the heart, the day is promising for the Fish. The transit of Venus by a related sign will incite you to savor all the joys of life in the company of the beloved. Try to enjoy this moment to the fullest. You deserve it.
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