Pisces Today Horoscope Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Pisces Today Horoscope Predictions Tuesday 2nd May 2017

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At the professional level, it is best to leave your wishes to ask your boss for some other recognition. Adverse transit from Mars could even allow him to stop his work.

I wait a little. Watch out! In spite of excellent astral aspects, today the position of the Moon will be in a hostile sign, putting clouds in its affective and emotional horizon.


Look for balance. If you are a typical fish, at this point you will need to take at least a couple of days to rest and regain energy. Start planning it. You will get good conditions to carry out your wish.

They could attract you the luxurious objects. You have refined tastes. Although the budget only reaches you for beer, you still drink fine wine! Today you could give yourself a special taste.

Go to lunch at an expensive restaurant. Or buy something that is nice and unique. You may enjoy writing with a luxurious pen. Or maybe you enjoy putting your papers in a new leather briefcase.

You will be living a few different days to those that you thought because now you are in a path of creativity, economic interests and love totally new to you.

On the other hand, the entry of the Moon into your water element, and in a very similar sign with your own, inspires you and creates in you new ideas that will help you to project yourself in a concrete way in your social and sentimental reality. You are inspired, Pisces!