Pisces Tuesday 23 May 2017 Today Daily Horoscope

Pisces Tuesday 23 May 2017 Today Daily Horoscope Predictions

Today the Moon is in Aries. The planets Jupiter, Saturn and the Pluto remain retrograde. You receive invitations to parties and meetings and many people you have not seen for some time begin to get in touch with you.

The energy of your ruler, Neptune, in favorable aspects with other planets in your horoscope accentuate your sixth sense, so lead by those hunches and intuitions that will lead you to the place where you should be.

During these coming days of May and as the month of June approaches you will be reconsidering many decisions you made in the recent past and now you evaluate them from another point of view. You will feel new emotions and even a special interest in someone who recently entered your life, but you did not give him his corresponding place

You will understand better the sentimental intentions of those around you and you will enter your moment of romances, end a conflictive relationship and enrich your love life. However, as there are retarding influences in your horoscope, you should be very cautious before taking a definitive solution that could be influenced by precipitation.

If on previous occasions you have suffered from flu attacks it is advisable that you go to a center where you can get vaccinated. The current cycle for your sign Pisces favors foresight, and by putting on your part you will maintain your health. Avoid exposing yourself unnecessarily to the elements or abrupt weather changes.

Your mind is in a creative phase and you should take it constructively in your work by doing something new or improving the way you perform your daily activities. Your way of dealing with unexpected situations will earn you the prestige and respect of your co-workers.

With the impact of the Moon in transit through the fire element you will see progressive and novel ideas which, once put into operation, will allow you to achieve increases in your income. Expect an economic news that has very good forecasts and will allow you to give yourself some small luxuries, to pamper you as you deserve, Pisces.

It is always good to experiment with new things and also with what you already know, but you have not given it all the uses it has.

You need to start doing this a lot more, since you are letting the routine absorb you, which always brings problems in the future.

At work you have an excellent day waiting for you, they will give you very good news about a job that you presented some time ago, it might not be just a good evaluation, but something that will make you much happier.

Love needs to be taken care of and also contemplated, you must look at your partner or the person you are meeting and begin to appreciate its beauty and all the good it does for you, so you will fall in love every day.

Stress and problems can not begin to undermine your ability to put yourself in the shoes of others or to pay attention to what you see.
Lucky numbers for today: 5, 14, 21, 29, 38, 40.

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