Pisces Weekly Horoscope 12th to 18th October 2020

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 12th to 18th October 2020

Pisces (born between February 20 and March 20): On the 12th, let your imagination fly and your genius will emerge gently and in an inexplicable way, for you and for those who can admire your works.

On Tuesday 13th, your experience will give free rein to your initiatives. And people will sign up to help you. It will be a fruitful and happy day. On Wednesday the 14th, your occupations will be easier than other days and you will also notice the recognition of others, which will make you feel much joy. You must exercise. On Thursday the 17th, you are going to flatter or give a small gift to a person whom you carry deep within you. You will feel happy because it will be a surprise and you will love the meaning of it.pisces weekly horoscope 12th to 18th october 2020

On Friday the 16th, you will notice that you have great depth. And that your work will be praised since without wanting to have notoriety, you will feel that they value you and trust you; since you do everything in the best possible way and also with generosity. On Saturday 17, you will have novel initiatives with your sensitivity and maturity; But sometimes you hesitate and delay the strategies to follow. Your natural and kind way will help you a lot in your affairs and those of others. And on Sunday your kindness, simplicity, and way of expressing yourself with people will help you a lot.

Pisces Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Your relationship life dominates the landscape this week and the influence of Neptune allows you to open the doors of communication. Good understanding sets in, which is perfect for smoothing out even the most stubborn tensions. You get to the bottom of things and you try to resolve disagreements by being able, sometimes, to go as far as concessions.

A touch of unfounded jealousy could shake your heart this week! Your partner has their secret garden and that’s okay, don’t you? Do not take the opportunity to search your pockets, this indelicate behavior can only make you suffer and lead you into a negative spiral, trust is essential for marital harmony on the pain of ruining everything. Have you forgotten your fundamentals? Love is not controlled!

Those around you encourage your ideas, you lack confidence, your loved ones push you forward by giving you a good dose of courage and daring. Combining know-how and innovation is great proof of will and perseverance. If you risk leaving a few feathers there, you might also be successful, it is worth the investment. By adapting to changes, you free yourself from certain constraints.

This week of October 12, you are understanding and you even feel some compassion for others. Your keen sensitivity makes it much easier for you to understand the most complex human situations. Be careful not to run away from practical reality. Idealizing too far can make you lose your footing!

Money and Luck
Heavy activity on your account puts your finances in the red. If you are waiting for a sum of money to arrive, be vigilant, delays may disrupt your plans. To keep your finances afloat, bet on exemplary management, do not be tempted by expenses that are not foreseen in your program. Wait until everything is in order before indulging yourself.

Relativize the worries and relax. If you have the chance, take plenty of breaks away from work and prefer to do nothing rather than get agitated against all odds. Sometimes, you have to know how to withdraw from the game and then come back to regain your successes in peace, in beauty, and above all in shape. So, avoid splinters.

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