Pisces Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th December 2021

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 13th to 19th December 2021

The tension does not reach the Pisces, who will spend a relatively calm and happy week. Take advantage of the moments of calm, because there will be everything, to meditate, relax and reflect on yourself and your important things. The Universe protects you in these moments of meditation so that you see things clearly and increase your self-esteem, which is on the low side these days.

Your confidence in yourself will also grow these days, which you were missing so much because you don’t quite believe how much you are worth, both in the sentimental field and in the workplace. Perhaps in the latter, you have a negative experience. Someone in this field has spread a rumor about you and is waiting for your reaction to discredit you.

Avoid by all means confronting this person, it is what you are looking for. Ignore him and focus on your work. He will be taken aback and stop bothering you. In the sentimental field, on the other hand, you will have a great week if you have a partner. And if you don’t have it yet, you can find it now.

Throughout this week the Pisces should give way to adventure. In your case, you should know that when it comes to love and feelings you can afford anything. Don’t give up if things don’t go exactly as you expect. It will always be possible to rectify the situation later.

Stop worrying about anything and you will find the smile that suits your face so well. You will want to give a bit of life to your day-to-day. If you live as a couple, take the opportunity to declare the love you feel. Let yourself be carried away without fear by your desire to feel free.

Entering Mars into a square makes you more thoughtful, more pragmatic and allows you to fully express your potential. So you can aspire to climb to new heights and you work hard to achieve it. This is to your credit and you can look forward to reaping the rewards for your efforts.

Your daily life is heavy, you lose your zest for life, feelings wither away, you need fantasy and novelty to get out of your routine. The beginning of the week in December is quite calm but a sudden event will change your habits. New affinities are created, you meet people, they are enriching. All of a sudden, dealing with your emotions becomes difficult.

Your interlocutors express reservations but they have great difficulty in curbing your enthusiasm. Your exchanges are placed under the influence of an annoying sky and you must constantly reduce your requirements so as not to displease your hierarchy. You face a demanding request from colleagues or associates reluctant to give you flowers.

However, with this transit of Mars, in the relational sphere, you are somewhat lacking in diplomacy. Indeed, you show a certain rigidity that may not be to everyone’s taste. It is also necessary to manage your vital forces, not to exhaust yourself, and therefore to plan moments of relaxation.

Money and Luck
An astral conjuncture prompts you to make up for a lost time after a period of deprivation. Suddenly, you embark on purchases that can be downright expensive. Unfortunately, contrary to what you think, your situation is not yet stable. It can be questioned at any time. If you want to avoid going through a time of scarcity, put money aside instead of spending it.

The sky continues its work of undermining by more or less undermining your energy and your morale. If this transit works to build a new state of mind, it also forces you to pay close attention to your form, which is a little weakened by its investigations. So get out of the game. Take a step back to maintain your balance.

Pisces (born between February 20 and March 20): On Monday the 13th, your great challenge will be to get what you express and the tone you use right. Since you will feel that you feel with a certain fuss, around you. This takes a toll on the way you plan and carry out everything. Because you would like it to be a calmer and much calmer day. But today there is too much movement.

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On Tuesday 14th, you will notice that your way of thinking is changing and that you want to transform not only yourself but also others. Remember that first, you will have to do it with yourself because that way your vision will be more realistic, and everything that exists around you will change. It will seem that you have put on some new glasses with which everything you see will be sharper.

On Wednesday the 15th, you will notice that there are times when it seems that everything turns against you. But is not so exactly. It is that you wanted everything to work in a certain way, and the universe has planned it in another way, which in the end will be more beneficial for you. Observe it, and you will see how it is. And how will you claim that in the end, everything happened that other way?

On Thursday the 16th, you face very contradictory and quite intense feelings; That is why you must use your sensitivity and your great generosity of mind. You will have to know how to use your time in a balanced way, since it is important to separate the time you dedicate to home and family, with that you spend in your profession and other activities.

On Friday the 17th, you will have a very friendly combination that will facilitate and open up ways for you in many aspects of your life. That is why you must resort to a way of expressing yourself that is pleasant and loving since it will be the key to everything you do. You will have to carefully examine all the alternatives, to be sure that the path you are going to take is the most realistic one.

Saturday the 18th is the ideal time to start your plans in a fortunate way since your dynamism and your joy will be present throughout the day and will help you feel high spirits. This means that your intensity and energy will be supporting you in everything you have to do. So enjoy.

And on Sunday the 19th, it will be a very intense day because you will have to do a lot of things. But at the end of this, you will have the happiness of having fulfilled all the tasks that I had in mind. This will give you a sense of fulfillment and inner joy that is always welcome. And that’s why it will be worth it, so many comings and goings because, in the end, you will get it.

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