Pisces Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 16th to 22nd November 2020

Pisces (born between February 20 and March 20): On Monday 16th, your calm and expression will delight others. Today you can recreate and enjoy every little joy. And you can make everyone happy if you surround yourself with that inner joy that you have.

On Tuesday 17, your generosity is at a peak and you want to give it in abundance to your loved ones. Don’t worry, they receive it through your looks and your permanent affection. It will be an ideal day to enjoy yourself with yours. Wednesday 18 will be important the value of your commitments and the way to help others. You will notice that each person has their qualities. And that we need the “Union” to be able to advance in a perfect set.pisces weekly horoscope 16th to 22nd november 2020

Thursday the 19th is an important day to express your qualities in your creations. But to do this avoid daydreams, and stick to reality, so that it does not remain in “The trunk of forgetfulness.” On Friday 20th, combine vitality and sensitivity for your projects. Plan them carefully and with close friends, as they refer to the profession and that is very important to you.

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On Saturday 21, you will be able to dose your enthusiasm and passion with a certain serenity and calm in everything you do. Your way of expressing yourself is very novel and will be well received, which you will love. And Sunday is a day to help a close person who needs company and support. I would be lucky if you could “throw a cable” and lift his spirits.

Don’t be surprised if some unexpected gestures occur this week that will hit your heart. You will undoubtedly see that your emotions are filled with a strange energy that deeply moves your interior. Take your convictions and your morals with both hands to cross these stormy waters. Be true to yourself and make sure no one makes decisions for you. You have the ability to make interesting breakthroughs but on your own. In love, you will be tempted to speak much faster than you think. Be careful not to do any tricks or say anything that could cause conflict. You will be right to distrust your intuition in your love life. It would be better to base things on reality. And you would do well to hesitate before taking a firm stance. This is not a good time yet.

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Today you have an important mission to accomplish. There are two people very close to you who are estranged by an issue that you can help solve. Bring out your conciliatory gifts and talk to each of them. Then, when you have convinced them of the absurdity of this estrangement, set up a meeting between them which, of course, you also have to attend. They will reconcile and thank you as long as you have cared about them. And be very vigilant when it comes to your own affairs because someone wants to sneak her in. You are not seeing who approaches you with bad intentions and then you will have to regret it. Follow your intuition, so sharp, because it is warning you of that game. On a sentimental level, you need to break the routine with whoever is next to you. You have the imagination to create new and surprising situations. Use it.

You who adore things to happen, you will be served! Your relationships are freed from certain heavy constraints, you see the horizon of opportunities open wide and you go through this period freer, more enterprising, more active, more autonomous, or better accompanied!

A wind of beneficial renewal is rising over your love story, are you already feeling the first chills? You have in the past suffered from the lack of investment of your partner or spouse, constantly reproaching him for his coldness towards you and well this expectation could end as of this week with a declaration as unexpected as tender. The wheel turns for your loves, enjoy it as it should!

Your professional activities offer you great prospects for the future, you can count on the opportunities to be seized, you also have responsibilities to assume but, whatever, the context is good from the moment you master. Your skills and your patience will never have been used so much, the projects are on track, the discussions are going well. Your loved ones are behind you, you are supported. You practically walk forward with your eyes closed.

The circumstances respond positively to your disproportionate ambitions and this is an opportunity not to be missed. Make yourself available and stay smiling, you will have the opportunity to shine several times this week if you do it right. Let your generosity speak for itself and share the positive results of your efforts with your loved ones, however, the merit is yours alone.

Money and Luck
This week of November 16, your finances are starting to balance. The fiercest difficulties are behind you. There are still a few small bills to pay, but rest assured, you are off the hook. However, you still have doubts about the sustainability of your sources of income. To appease them, the stars offer you an opportunity. Take advantage of this period of calm to study it carefully and if it appeals to you, accept it.

This week you are guaranteed to find peace, tranquility, and well-being. Indeed, you gain height compared to your daily life and you put an end to your bad habits. By choosing a new course of action, you can finally decompress, regain your self-confidence, and adopt a more serene pace. Take full advantage of this renewal.