Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 19th February to 25th February 2018

Pisces Weekly Horoscope for 19th February to 25th February 2018

Happy Birthday! With the arrival of the sun in your birth sign, as usual, you are not afraid to invest yourself without counting. You face your obligations and you accomplish positive things. But in this anniversary month, it would be good to give up some pressure and enjoy life.

So, take advantage of your planning skills to organize a party in your honor. Launch the invitations and gather around you your many acquaintances or your most intimate friends. If you want to celebrate the event head-to-head, plan an evening where the romantic side will be present.pisces weekly horoscope 19th to 25th february 2018

This week will highlight your most authentic needs, in light of your everyday way of life, which will allow you to become aware of the changes to make or change between your outer life and your private life.

You will make spontaneous assessments of your love life, which will allow you to make positive changes. Your more loving impulses bring you closer to each other, it’s time to get closer to your friends, your family, not just your partner.

It is your efficiency that will be your best professional asset this week. Indeed, the influxes of Mars bring you an active approach to your work. This will bring new ideas to you.

These can come to fruition in about three months. Theories will be born in you, as much in the fruitfulness of your ideas as your creativity which is renewed. Jupiter encourages you not to be intimidated by those who have a higher status than you.

Money and Luck
Your financial life this week of February 19th will evolve upwards. Indeed, the influxes of Venus announce increasing material comfort and your personal actions are not foreign. Your expression in this area is clear and above all convincing, it’s time to negotiate on your most successful projects. Your carelessness associated with your impulses can push you to expenses for your wardrobe too important, measure yourself.

The planetary aspects that prevail in your skies this week will give you a lot of energy, especially with regard to acting constructively.

Your muscular vitality, your basic spring benefits from the aspects of Jupiter and Uranus, followed by the transit of Mars come to boost your metabolism positively. The only point to watch, your liver balance, sparing your liver is necessary for the middle of the week.

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