Pisces Weekly Horoscope 20th to 26th June 2022

Uranus boosts your social life and encourages you to act more naturally according to the needs of others. It is important to stay well surrounded to evolve serenely in a context that suits you. The time is with you, do not hesitate to take it, without making an impulsive decision.

Your emotions allow you to better identify yourself and you more easily attract people who correspond to your real expectations, beyond appearances. This is an ideal period to get closer to your ideals and to devote yourself fully to what really interests you.


You enter a happy week, Pisces, but also with its little problems that you can solve without much effort. Your love affairs, which have been worrying you so much, continue to improve. It will be a few days of strong emotions, but be very careful with jealousy, both yours and your partner’s, because they can cause a silly conflict between you.

You have a great magnetism for other people and this sometimes makes him feel a little insecure, especially when you lavish sympathy with other people. Your boy finds it hard to understand that you pay so much attention to them. At work things go smoothly and you are no longer in a hurry for money, but he controls the purchases because you can get too excited and then you will sweat ink to make ends meet.

He dedicates part of your time to your family and this will provide you with great emotional well-being. They will give you important advice that will be very positive. Pay close attention to conversations, take it as a sign from the Universe.

You’ll be planning home-related activities this week, Pisces, because Mercury moves into your 4th house. You may be organizing a house move or renovation, or you could be pondering where you want to live in the future. You could also stay in touch with your family and call them to catch up. With the Full Moon in your 10th house, you could have exciting developments or opportunities in your career. You could realize what you want to do long-term with work, or you could be launching a big project you’ve been working on.

This sky pushes you to leave, to travel, to escape, it also feeds your dearest ambitions: that of being happy and above all in love. It invites you to dream and surpass yourself, you set the bar very high to reach a form of ideal. As a couple, you may decide to treat yourself to a vacation. Single, you go from adventure to discovery.

This week of June 20, your finances begin to balance out. The fiercest difficulties are behind you. There are still a few small bills to settle, but rest assured, you are off the hook. However, you still have doubts about the sustainability of your sources of income. To appease them, the stars offer you an opportunity. Take advantage of this period of calm to study it carefully and if it seduces you, accept it.

Dynamic and full of spirit, you enjoy the gifts of a rather lenient sky that gives you surprises, opportunities to please, to seduce, to conquer and to laugh. This should boost your natural disposition to good humor and reconcile you with the light part of your being. Take advantage of this happy conjuncture to get rid of a past to overcome.

You are keen to innovate and renew your achievements. You set to work to carry out a project that excites you and your inspiration seduces those around you. You like it and, whatever your activity, you are ready to generate recognition and obtain all the support necessary for the smooth running of your business.