Pisces Weekly Horoscope 26th November to 2nd December 2018

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 26th November to 2nd December 2018

Jupiter square in the natal sun induces tensions, often family, with the feeling that nothing happens as you wish. You have ambitious desires or plans, but you can not find a concrete way to access them, and that makes you impatient, irascible or even in bad faith.

Your reactions are no longer measured and you run the risk of provoking a diplomatic incident by showing you stubborn in your mistakes. Jupiter amplifies everything and here we talk about the art of living itself, the frustrations can be intense. You have no choice but to discipline yourself.pisces weekly horoscope 26 november to 2 december 2018

You will tend to be thoughtful and expeditious in your intimate relationships this week of November 26th. Demanding absolute trust is not bad in itself, but do it with tact, without crudely exposing mere doubts or suspicions! Avoid giving the impression of wanting to dominate or control your partner. You will attract to you surprising encounters, this week, which clearly free you from your lifestyle.

Your work intensifies throughout this week, and external circumstances push you to develop your abilities. You must rely on your strength of will to reach your goals. You will need to consolidate your position within your work team, in harmony. You will be well inspired not to work alone. The partnerships, group work are extremely well looked after.

Money and Luck
The planetary influxes this week will facilitate the realization of your ambitions and make you act in a constructive way. You will not fail to want to work hard. The impulses of Jupiter give you an optimism that pushes you in the right directions. It will be essential to measure yourself despite everything. Titan projects require time, heal the details. This type of negligence could make you lose money, contrary to what you think.

Your overall form will be excellent in general. The impulses of Mars make you more daring than usual, which pushes you to provide more muscle activity. This is the perfect time to resume the sport or to embark on a basic training program. Listen to your body, it will tell you its real needs on your diet. It’s not so much your greed that speaks about your body’s pushing you to consume more plants.

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