Pisces Weekly Horoscope 27th July to 2nd August 2020

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 27th July to 2nd August 2020

On the 27th, Monday, you have all the potential to create an idyllic atmosphere with your family and in the closest surroundings. So take advantage and enjoy your special moments. You will notice that you have the gift to brighten the lives of others.

Tuesday 28th, today is an important day since you will have to balance how you carry out your daily tasks without affecting your stabilizing bases. Because the most important thing is that you know how to carry everything calmly and effectively.pisces this week 27th july to 2nd august 2020

On Wednesday 29, today your dreams are based on the consistency that you know how to give them. Many times you back down and do not do them. Today is a day in which you have great warmth and also with vitality and intensity; take advantage of.

On Thursday the 30th, today you need to feel the love and support of your loved ones and your friends; since for you they are a very important point in your life. And you will notice that the love you give comes back to you in different happy and fun ways.

On Friday the 31st, today you will have to solve, once and for all, a certain matter from the past, with a close person, whom you did not attend to as you should have. And today life faces you again with it. So work it out.

Saturday 1 is the special day to be able to shape all those projects and goals that you had forged long ago. Be patient and with calm and organization you can start them.

And Sunday 2, today is a day to plan everything you need to do in the field of activities or profession.

Pisces Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Pisceans who are in crisis with their partner will have to make a decision: a reconciliation (which favors the stars) or a breakup if your life partner no longer makes you happy. If you decide to end your partner (now ex), your family and friends will support you to get ahead. In addition, you will meet new types of relationships that may interest you in the future.

On Monday, the bachelor will receive the contact of a childhood love interested in dating. You will agree that both of you were in love but neither of them dared to say anything. The Universe will now give you another chance!

To be lucky in love this week, wear a red garment or accessory every day. It would also be very effective to make homemade rose water and spray it like a mist before leaving home.

This week you should set 3 alarms if you do not want your sheets to stick and you are late for work again. Neptune will be very active doing inharmonious aspects and can make the dream overcome the battle in the morning.

A new employee will join your department and take all the attention, making you jealous. Calm down Pisces, your good position is not in danger. How about you get close and kind to him? Maybe you can make good friends.

You will want to redecorate your home to give it a new air and you will not pay any expense. Being comfortable in your own home is very important.

As for the money, congratulations! It is highly likely that you will win a contest that you recently entered. And, in addition, you will have a lot of lucidity and an eye for profitable investments. But beware! Tuesday is the most favorable day for robbery.

A silly slip will give you an ankle sprain that will cause discomfort throughout the week.

On Wednesday the 29th when you wake up, write down in a notebook what you have dreamed because you could have a very surprising premonitory dream (this will be due to the harmonious aspect between your ruler in your sign and the Moon in Scorpio)

Your strength is one of your virtues. As is getting up every time you fall. Therefore, you will start looking at drawings and ideas to get a tattoo that reflects it.

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