Pisces Weekly Horoscope 29th July to 4th August 2019

If you have felt stuck in your trade and your travels or if you have been bored with a lot, it changes with Mercury for a more friendly, fun and rewarding atmosphere. This passage brings fresh air into your meetings and brings a lot of pleasure and discoveries during your travels.

You have some tense dialogues but you know how to preserve your momentum and channel it to passion in your emotional life. You are more inclined to kindness, even if you forget a little to better give to others. Your tendency to idealization may push your partner to go too far, without even realizing it, what you would find later inadmissible … The exotic mixes pleasantly with your meetings.

Cultivate your relationship potential and be ready to seize the chance that will hit your door this week of July 29th. The sky protects your morale and keeps you from focusing on your problems. Under this influence, you want to break down the barriers and make useful and especially promising contacts for your future.

Mercury trine to your sign this week allows you to live strong moments. Your efforts give lasting results, your stubbornness is your best asset for advancing and overcoming material obstacles in particular. Know how to enjoy the truces that the sky reserves for you and enjoy this intellectual fuss.

Money and Luck
In the case of negotiation, all chances are on your side. The new contract, financial investments, everything is a pretext to bring money into your bank account. The material conditions are improving thanks to your many efforts. You assume the loads, your motivation of the moment: to spend smart. You can incur personal expenses if an innovative and profitable project appeals to you. Take advantage of this period.

You feel fatigued and stress that only makes your situation worse. Practice your favorite sport in moderation or sign up for a yoga class. No need to trample furiously this week. Rejuvenate and stop ruminating. Do not take too seriously capricious global weather that could otherwise wreck you and discourage you.

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