Pisces Weekly Horoscope 29th March to 4th April 2021

Check this week’s Pisces horoscope for 29th March to 4th April 2021, Mercury is still in Pisces and this week it will touch Neptune, his ruler, who is also in Pisces. And why not jump into writing poetry, or making art, since the great Piscean talent is symbols, and Mercury will help them translate those symbols into words and shapes. Your distant healing and loving service will also be needed for those who need it. They can send reiki or any other technique they know, and if they don’t know any, chat, encourage and calm others, as their voice will be medicinal.
Pisces Your Lucky Numbers for this Week

Your relationship life dominates the landscape this week and the influence of Neptune allows you to open the doors of communication. Good understanding sets in, which is perfect for smoothing out even the most stubborn tensions. You get to the bottom of things and you try to resolve disagreements by being able, sometimes, to go as far as concessions.pisces this week horoscope 29th march to 4th april 2021

Pisces This Week Horoscope of Love, Luck, Health and Money | 29th March to 4th April 2021

Do not stay in your corner, rather explore the radiant facets of your heart, and do not hesitate to share your exalted sensuality with the one who will have known how to conquer your soul. Do you have it all? So, don’t be timid and bewitch whoever you want without delay! The period seems ideal to show yourself and make very promising encounters!

This week, Mars changes to the sign Aquarius and also changes the zone of your horoscope through which it was passing, because now it will activate your twelfth house. With this movement, the energy of the planet mentioned, which is impulsive, will be repressed and you will notice it when your energies go down. You may also feel that you do not find encouragement in your romantic relationship or that you do not have close friends from whom you could learn.

Above all, do not give in to sterile recriminations but rather operate an examination of conscience. If you no longer adhere to the living conditions that you have endured until now, it may be time to kick in the stretchers, provided of course that it is to change the situation and not just to make noise. !

This week you are understanding and you even feel some compassion for others. Your keen sensitivity makes it much easier for you to understand the most complex human situations. Be careful not to run away from practical reality. Idealizing too far can make you lose your footing!

Money and Luck
You should be looking for opportunities to improve your financial situation because there will be some this week. Money matters are no longer part of family discussions, no stress, the situation is calm. Your mind is at peace, you can sleep soundly. During the week, you could receive a small bonus, this would allow you to anticipate a payment when due.

This week, Venus turns into Gemini, and with this movement, you will feel the need to be surrounded by your family enjoying this by having to stay longer at home. With this influence, you will need not only to show your love and consideration more to them but to deal more materially with them. Therefore, you will be considering expanding the family’s businesses, opening new businesses with them, and investing in properties together, since you will be giving great importance to their financial needs.

Retreat and action are required alternately so that you emerge unscathed and triumphant from a period when challenges and stakes are at the height of your natural ambition! Heaven gives you energy, you feel willing to take on any challenge, and nothing seems to be able to scare you. Be careful, however, not to step on your neighbors’ beds.

This week you can be very emotionally unstable since, on the one hand, Mars takes away stimulation and Venus makes you lock yourself up to more in your home and family.

As Mars passes through Aquarius, your energy drops and it can make you lazier when you get up every morning, as well as lower your defenses. To increase your vibration, I recommend that, as soon as you wake up, first stretch your body as much as possible and in a straight line. This will align you with your spine. Then close your eyes and imagine how the energy circulates throughout your body. Then, it will be good to take a shower imagining that the water takes away all the demotivation and dress in strong colors, especially red.

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