Pisces Weekly Horoscope 6th to 12th December 2021

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 6th to 12th December 2021

Pisces (born between February 20 and March 20): Monday, the 6th, is a time to use your professionalism and also your sympathy. Because they are the best keys to your life. With them, you will advance much more than if you only dedicate yourself to doing your job. Your smile must be always ready for others because you will make their day. And so you will feel useful and happy.

On Tuesday the 7th, you will have to use your practical way of being by all means, since sometimes you get lost in a tangle of a multitude of situations that monopolize you and in which you feel a certain confusion. Use your sympathy and grace to ask for help if others must help you.pisces weekly horoscope 6th to 12th december 2021

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On Wednesday the 8th, you will feel that you need to show your great love for others. And that that fills you up and makes you feel a lot of fulfillment. That is why your great responsibility in maintaining a lively and joyful environment will help you to serve others and to notice at the same time that everything around you becomes more harmonious since your heart is in everything you do and in everything that do you give

On Thursday the 9th, you will have to give more affection than ever. Because sometimes you expect others to be with you, as you are with them. And that sometimes doesn’t happen. You shouldn’t get frustrated. Because you should know that when you give from the heart and without expecting anything in return. It will come to you at the least expected moment, and from someone, you didn’t think was possible either.

On Friday the 10th, you will be lucky enough to favor fortune, but for this, you will have to be a more determined person in what you choose and be more sure of everything you do since it is the most important thing right now. You have to let yourself be carried away by your intuitions. And you are afraid of losing control if you don’t master your instincts. Be calm and everything will be positive.

On Saturday the 11th, you will have to be more realistic and use your fine intuition in everything you are going to do. Do not get caught up in topics that are unclear or in which you do not have enough confidence to carry them forward. So observe with an eagle’s eye, and keep all your senses alert, to avoid unexpected events happening in your life.

And, on Sunday the 12th, your great imagination will create a dream world around you. And that is why you should take the opportunity to decorate your house, with Christmas motifs. You must have a lot of patience because if you want the collaboration of everyone, you will have to use your maximum sympathy and kindness. And that way it will be more fun and complete.

The planetary influences of this week of December 6thinduce in your attitude a lack of flexibility, of understanding towards the weaknesses of others. This can cause tension in your relationships and attract people to you who are only looking for protection … Do not be fooled by the “broken arms” which, with fine words, can make you fall in their nets, under pain to have to carry them at arm’s length, then!

The attitude of your other half frustrates you or even hurts you, it is high time to talk about it, without creating a conflict that would only make the situation worse. Dialogue is the best way to put your expectations down and express any disappointments before they become too important. Healing the evil at the root is always the most effective method, do not get lost in endless recriminations.

This week, you have a little trouble dealing with each other’s moods, at work, the atmosphere is not in good shape. Instead of pissing off your head, you decide to take it upon yourself by adopting a behavior of indifference. The days are long enough, you don’t want to work, you are demotivated. Things are gradually improving thanks to a more serene atmosphere.

By dint of cutting your hair in four, you expose yourself to overwork, by an excess of realism. Don’t chase your dreams, they are not in vain, even if you cannot make them come true yet. Too much reasoning can drive away your spontaneity with those around you. You intimidate others without realizing it, by closing the doors to your weaknesses, you forbid the expression of that of others.

Money and Luck
Astral conjuncture prompts you to spend lavishly for the well-being of your family. You are coldly ignorant of the prices. Alas, to end the month, you are still going to have to make sacrifices. However, you can avoid this. This week, while you are tired of watching your spending, stick to your budget. Resist outside influences that are laxer and keep your lifestyle.

No need to sink into paranoia, just keep quiet about your ideas of genius, prepare your ascent in secret to deflect any criticism, and especially to progress in beauty and form towards your goals. This sky slows you down or blocks you in order, in the end, to perfect your identity and rebuild you on a basis that meets your moral and spiritual requirements.
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