Pisces Weekly Horoscope 7th August to 13th August 2017

Pisces Weekly Horoscope Predictions 7th August to 13th August 2017

Mercury in opposite sign offers a moment of exchange and communication within your couple, unless you enter into an agreement or transaction with a partner. You will know how to combine your will to federate around universal causes while maintaining the dialogue with people who share your passions.

The influxes of Mercury and Venus push you to changes in your way of everyday love, to express your fantasy much more, which you will do without difficulty while respecting the limits of the daily life of your existence and that of your partner. On the other hand, you will be tempted to put too much fingering to talk about your current personal hassles to your partner. It would be a shame to hide things, you are likely to become a cachottier, which can cause you conflicts later on.pisces weekly horoscope 7th to 13th august 2017

You will enjoy serving, exceeding yourself, as part of your professional life this week. It is especially your entourage who is at the forefront of your actions, much more ultimately than the pursuit of your personal career. You become more aware of the value of your employees and you will know how to put them forward to win the success of collective work. This week is favorable to changes in business strategies.

Your impulsiveness makes you critical to excess, your words go faster than your thought. An effort is needed to preserve the relational harmony. It is by taking an objective step back that you will be able to discern the motives of some people whose intentions are not clear at first sight.

You will have facilities to liquidate financial worries, this first week of August. The material luck is fully there. Family and heritage will be the best vectors of luck in this area, the family supports your initiatives, supports your efforts. Family and by extension, social relations are favorable to your finances, bet on your relationship life, if you want to stabilize your finances. The art trade is particularly favored this week.

You will begin the week in an excellent condition on the side of the form. Many astrological conditions are found to facilitate your recovery, you will not need to tap into your reserves! Only a certain nervous tension can come to darken the picture and give you the feeling that you are outdated, or by the actions of your professional entourage especially. It is here that your need for mastery is at stake.

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