Pisces Weekly Horoscope 7th January to 13th January 2019

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 7th January to 13th January 2019

Mercury in beautiful aspect offers you the possibility to better channel your emotions, your mind is stronger and more able to dissect the most complex things. All manual creative work can be a great way to express your imagination, especially if the finished product has practical utility.

Mercury can give you the opportunity to take stock of the situation, even if you tend to find the climate a bit stilted. Expect to feel your surroundings more stirring and more demanding, the circumstances push you to be more reasonable, which helps you to better channel your creativity.pisces weekly horoscope 7 to 13 january 2019

Hard to keep your feet on the ground in certain circumstances that you will live, This first week of the year, in your love life. If you are single, you may not know clearly what commitment to make. You will have several options of fate in front of you, but above all, moments of total carelessness to enjoy without restraint before making final choices. These choices are not favored at the moment. You have to go through moments of intense tasting of your success, your influence that are facilitated.

You will have the vital momentum to follow hard on what’s going on and what you’re going to do. Your initiative will be a guarantee of your success, you will feel greater confidence in yourself and more opportunities to express yourself with clarity, conviction and depth. This week favors all that is relative to the diffusion, in a broad sense, this period is ideal to transform your professional life and evolve towards the official recognition of your merits.

Money and Luck
Your financial life this week will evolve towards more awareness. Indeed, the influx of Venus announces material comfort in vein and your actions will not be for nothing. Your exchanges with your financial interlocutors will be more in harmony with your expectations and your projects. All successes are possible this week, as long as you leave no room for doubts about your abilities.

This week is highly positive at the fitness level. Indeed, you are going to free yourself from the influences of Uranus, which undermined your mental energy and channeled it too easily in dark or too abrupt ideas. Which, moreover, did not resemble your fundamental nature! The stars shelter you from the big fits of fatigue, you are protected. Keep an eye on your liver and avoid fats and positively compensate for your potential weaknesses this week.

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