Pisces Weekly Horoscope 9th to 15th December 2019

Pisces Weekly Horoscope 9th to 15th December 2019

You are particularly feverish, your reflections are linked without coherence and you have a lot of difficulties to express your point of view clearly.

However, you do not want to be supported by anyone because you would like to get out of this situation without noticing your difficulties but it may require you to heavy loneliness this week of December 9.pisces this week 9th to 15th of december 2019 horoscope

You are not very comfortable in your emotional life this week. Many doubts or questions are heart-staining and your love mood is affected.

Do not add suspicion to your discomfort, you will only make things worse. The best is still to talk calmly about your feelings. Simply expressing them (or even writing them) will defuse the real problems.

Sometimes you find it difficult to contain scathing answers to the ceaseless expectations of your social partners and even more difficulties in curbing your growing irritation.

Avoid falling into the trap of revolt and provoking unnecessary altercations. Refine your plans and take care of your interventions, show goodwill.

This is not the time to make important decisions, your judgment is distorted by the tension that agitates you. Do not argue to try to win your social exchanges, your speeches lack objectivity and your bad faith may make you lose all credibility. Be satisfied with the routine this week, if you can.

Money and Luck
Financially you have the impression of not being able to get your head out of the water, it is only a bad intuition, there is evolution, for the moment it does not show, but that would not know delay.

Think about making a smart investment, do not try to waste money. Congratulations! You are the king of acrobatics, you always fall back on your feet. Be careful, do not take too much risk.

Get away from bad influences, get some fresh air and take a lot of breaks. You will emerge very quickly, fresh and ready for a context that you will quickly and discreetly return in your favor.

To go out in beauty, form, and charm of all situations, you are an ace. Without that, you would quickly lose your footing and find yourself on the brink of exhaustion.

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