Pisces Yearly Horoscope 2020 | professional success leads you more

Pisces the best for you, by 2020 they will be: profession, wealth, spirituality, friends, social life and activities, money, communication.

This year there will be 6 ellipses (4 moles and 2 lots), which will affect you in some aspects of your life, especially your family, whose life will change. Professionally you have reached the top and your professional reputation precedes you.pisces horoscope in 2020


Your social life is being very active, but perhaps this year stands out for dedicating yourself to close friends on the one hand and on the other, for maintaining many working relationships outside of your work. The money will be phenomenal and you will earn much more than the previous year. You can consider yourself lucky.

Your personal evolution will go through a work of self-connection, of humility, because you will realize, that your professional success leads you more and more to move with very powerful, important people and you have become part of an elite, which moves you away from the reality.

Pisces, 2020 will not be a romantic year for you. You will feel very independent and you will not feel like depending on anyone. It makes you excited to be alone. If you are married or in a couple, you will remain the same, without changes, although it will not be wonderful either. If you are single, you will remain single. This year it is not a priority to fall in love and get a serious partner. You are focused on your work. You will meet a lot of new people and you could have many sporadic and short relationships

Social Life
Social life will be active, you will do many group activities but rather related to your work. You will not do it to meet people or find love, if not to continue keeping you well related professionally. You are attracted to powerful and well-placed social people and your goal will be to be one of them and participate in their activities, parties and social gatherings of any kind.

The work will be phenomenal for you. You have achieved your goals successfully, you feel satisfied with yourself, you have reached an important status within your profession and you should congratulate yourself for it. In short, the work continues to go very well, you stay at that level and without problems. All you have to do is continue to interact with this kind of influential and related people with your profession and everything will continue to flow.

Those who dedicate yourself to creative work, you will have much more creativity than before and innovative ideas, which will give you much more work than you can cover.
If you are looking for a job, you will find it in business, Internet companies, and high technology. You will find it without a doubt.

Money and Luck
Pisces the years 2020 will be a very prosperous year for you. You will earn a lot more money and you will feel totally happy and proud to have reached where you have arrived. The first semester will come to you from your work, which flows and is fruitful; the 2nd semester could come from your work and your investments.[maxbutton id=”12″ ]

Be careful with that, because it is quick and easy money, but if you do not advise well, you could lose it too. So, be guided by your intuition, but if you’re afraid of losing it and you’re insecure, get advice.

As for the bureaucratic efforts, you could make some mistake, that delays them, so it is important, that you check whenever everything is correct.

The money will go away easily. Do not go crazy with so much money, learn to invest, but also to save. You will spend on yourself, in giving yourself pleasure in the beauty salon, in the gym, changing your image. You are aware of the position you occupy in society and want to offer an image more in line with your new status.

Your family is fine and you don’t have to worry about them. The only thing is that you will want to change your home or redecorate it. You will do it without problems. You might have to go through the operating room, for an aesthetic issue. Your parents or siblings might scare you with their health, but it will remain in fright. Your family will be well financially and that gives you peace of mind. If you have children, they will live impotent changes in their lives, but nothing serious. You will be there to advise them.

Your health will be excellent. You won’t have to worry about her. Apart from a cold or flu, you won’t have anything else. There will simply be some short periods of time, in which you will be more tired, but sleeping more, you will recover your energy. The two solar eclipses of June 21 and December 14, could affect you a little, but once your period of influence has passed, you will recover your rhythm.

As always I will give you some advice, to prevent possible problems. You know that the weak point of Pisces is the feet. Massage them whenever you can and keep them warm in winter. Your overall tone will improve.

Personal Evolution
Pisces, you are the most spiritual sign of all and this year you will be even more. This year you will learn to bring spirituality to your earthly life. To live it in a more practical way, to use your intuition and spirituality, to pave your life, to interpret dreams and to take advantage of their messages. You will find a way to find mental and spiritual balance through spiritual methods, to achieve near perfection and many advantages over others.

You have realized, that part of your professional and economic success comes from the relationship, that you have with money. You use the universal laws of wealth and benefit from them, consciously or unconsciously.

The studies will be phenomenal. You are ambitious and the effort you will make to get the best grades will be rewarded. If you are thinking of studying at the best University, you will get the necessary grade to achieve it. Besides, you will be very interested in topics about spirituality, religions, science, technology, astrology. If you are you are still in the Institute, you will not do so well. You could find yourself, you’re finishing high school and you don’t know which career to choose; You want to change some subjects or change centers.

First decan
In 2020, important things will happen if you want to move the lines of your life. A change of situation long prepared? A mutation so hoped for? A new job? A determining heading to pass?

This expansive phase evokes innovations but nothing you undertake will be done quickly. It takes the time it takes but there will be no transformation without preparation. You may be working to change your lifestyle or simply your conception of life and it’s called being in full change (and probably even in the transition phase).

That’s what Uranus is still hurting you this year: dust off your habits, reinvent yourself a little, rid yourself of prejudices, redouble your creativity, open the field of possibilities … February, the second half of March, the second half of the month May and July will be ideal times for that.

Second Decan
By 2020, you will surely be able to impress yourself by progressing rationally, using your energy and skills only wisely.

Reasonably ambitious, you will make your little way through your merits of efficiency and integrity. Our Pisces will, therefore, be particularly pragmatic, shrewd, clairvoyant and will know how to protect his material interests (and even financially prosper): thanks to a promising and promising sky, you will know how to plan and analyze ins and outs before you start and this should you succeed, especially in February and until mid-March, then again from the end of July to the end of October.

If you are wary of the potential pitfalls (translate: broken promises or other slippery lands) of the second half of January, this year 2020 will be rather convincing for your social, professional and financial position.

Third Decan
Does it tell you to really get to work, to aim higher, to be ultra-responsible and at least tenacious? In any case, that blows you this trio of planets in Capricorn rather muscular, in 2020. Then go right, assume and bust! Here is a fish more enduring and more confident.

You have to want a lot and go to the end, be ambitious for two and want to earn a lot of money. Straighten the bar, regain power (in all areas of your life), demonstrate a combativeness (authority?), Do not let go and … forward all!

We have nothing for nothing and it is sure to win, deserve a promotion or have your skills recognized that you will engage in this important phase (which should bear fruit especially from March to the end of July and end of October to end December).