How to prevent breast cancer by diet

Breast cancer, diet as prevention

The diet in the prevention of breast cancer, As scientists work to fine-tune a blood test to detect cancer before tumors are associated with a high diagnostic sensitivity index, a best-selling book titled ”
Breast cancer, diet as prevention.

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The breast cancer prevention diet, by TV doctor Bob Arnot, which ensures that food is a key factor in the prevention of breast cancer, one of the most frequent among women.

The controversy has been served through a spokeswoman, who do not believe that information benefits women, and can even prevent breast cancer through diet.

However, a Newsweek editorial also points out that even when new methods for fighting cancer are known, the average number of deaths from this disease remains, in the United States, the same as in 1970, considering that the aforementioned book on some Food in preventing disease is positive, and that a proper diet can prevent the onset of tumors.

Every 8 women develop breast cancer

Or if we see it differently, about 8 women 7 will not develop breast cancer, frequent and severe disease, which fortunately with the current techniques of early diagnosis is improved.

Risk factors include the following: personal history, family predisposition, inheritance, psychological factors, age, early rules and late pregnancies, hormones, feeding, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and extreme factors such as exposure To X-rays or contamination.

Early detection of breast cancer is important, but more prevent it, and according to many experts, the key is in the diet. One more thing to take into account: in the United States breast cancer rates are four to seven times higher than in Asia, and when Asian women migrate to the USA, their risk of developing breast cancer doubles Over a period of ten years and equals that of the American population in a couple of generations, according to reports from the National Cancer Institute.

What changes for these women?  Diet and other factors of life.

When Asian women come to the United States they eat more calories, fat and meat, and stop eating vegetables, fruits and soybeans that they eat in their home countries, the weight goes off and physical activity decreases.

And for the moment, more studies are needed to confirm these hypotheses, but scientists say that you do not have to wait for the medicine for its official verdict, because eating in a balanced way is always good for your health.

The diet in the prevention of breast cancer. If we take a minimal tour of the scientific works published recently, we find the following: the prestigious Journal of the National Cancer Institute, published a work of American researchers carried out on Greek women, and assert that women who had the habit of Taking virgin olive oil on a regular basis, were 25 percent less at risk for breast cancer than those who consumed it less often, even once a day.

The same Journal of the National Cancer Institute referred to the protective effects of phytochemicals of a good number of foods including tomatoes, corn, cucumbers, melons, forest fruits, apples, pears, raisins , Lemon and lime, or any fruit in general, containing alfacarotenes, betacarotenes and lycopene, and green leafy vegetables such as spinach, and orange fruits such as carrots containing lutein, betacarotenes and zeaxanthin, as well as whole cabbage His family – cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, broccoli, rich in sulphorane and indoles.

Soybeans, according to the medical journal Lancet and others, contain genistein, and isoflavonoids, which are believed responsible for the lower incidence of breast cancer in Asian countries.

Fiber, present in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts, is collected in studies published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and says that Finnish women have half the risk of breast cancer compared to North Americans, apparently because Consume 30 grams of fiber a day, compared to 14 grams of Americans, confirming that fiber protects the disease.

Another goal is to reduce fat consumption to a maximum of 20 percent of the calories that are the subject of a macro study conducted by the US National Institutes of Health because many studies show that less breast cancer occurs in countries where Less saturated fats of animal origin are eaten.

It is also known that weighing more, or what is the same, an excess of body fat increases the risk of breast cancer, since fat is an estrogen factory and that constant bombardment can end up causing the breast tissue to become Cancerous, according to a study also published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, marking a final objective: to be thin.

Do not forget that there is no anticancer diet, or cure it once it has made its appearance. But meeting a set of food recommendations can prevent it. This is what the American Cancer Society or the European Cancer Program has defined, and we must keep this in mind.

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