Rabbit : Today Chinese Horoscope Wednesday 10th July 2019

Rabbit : Today Chinese Horoscope Wednesday 10th July 2019

If you live in a relationship, you may fantasize about someone other than your spouse. It is likely that you have no desire to act. You’ll just dream of the one (or the one) that will have caught your eye. Single, you can, with the support of the planet Hoa Khoa, significantly improve your love situation. You will be less afraid to externalize your tenderness and show your emotions. If sometimes you still hesitate, know that “those do not like who do not show their love”.

The star Thien Khong will support you. Result: your financial balance will be generally protected. That said, pay attention to the star Quan Phu in disharmonic aspect! Be careful not to take too much risk in terms of money. For many of you, this day will be marked by a major financial choice. It is also possible that you change attitude in depth vis-à-vis the money, showing you more detached than before.daily chinese rabbit horoscope 10th july 2019

Health and Fitness
You hate excess and you are a fervent follower of dietetics. In this area, you are unbeatable! You know the basic rules to follow, food mixtures to avoid, and you can even be part of the fierce defenders of organic food. Do not exaggerate anyway, because “too much good is bad”.

Your great qualities will be taken into consideration by your superiors and will bring you comforting satisfactions in the future. You could indeed be entrusted with a more interesting position or see your earnings gain importance. Do not neglect any factor. Do not lend an indulgent ear to some defeatists who really want to harm you. Your chances will be good, do not neglect them.

You will strive to bring peace, harmony and goodwill to your home. You will do your best to make your little world happy. The happy results of your laudable efforts will not be long in coming.

Social and Friends
You will be able to do all that you want in happy conditions, benefiting from unexpected luck shots. It is up to you to organize yourself so as to take full advantage of what will come up and to take the contacts that will open doors for you or that will bring you favors and personal success.