The reason why yesterday we did not see any dress of Carolina Herrera

Dress of Carolina Herrera as the one that made Marta Hazas shine last edition

Yesterday night was marked by absences, and not just people but rather aspects related to fashion. Everything pointed out that after the success harvested by Marta Hazas and his Carolina Herrera in the edition of the Goya 2016 we would see a design of this international brand on the red carpet. But all this was just an assumption, because it was not possible to see a design of the American firm, but neither of Nina Ricci, Paco Rabanne or Jean Paula Gaultier, everything has its explanation.

dress model

Neither the stylists of our celebrities nor the actresses are to blame, even though Marta Hazas was not able to attend the ceremony for a double function in the theater. The explanation is much more transcendent and is that for three years one of the sponsors of the gala, Saphir Parfums, is not very well seen. This company is dedicated to perfumes with aromas similar to the top sales of the most famous and commercial firms, so it has lost a litigation with Puig, the most important fashion group in our country, owners of all brands that have not been Present on the red carpet and I quoted above.

This is the explanation that we have left with the desire to see some of the preferred designs of Trunk and is that many affirm that in a sector like the cinema, so affected with the piracy, does not have space a signature that is dedicated To pirate other fragrances and aromas. But the Puig group has not been the only one, since L’Óreal Paris has also refused to sponsor the event and the transfer of any product related to its brand. A coherent decision that, however, has left us without those dresses of ties of Carolina Herrera or without the wonderful sequins of Nina Ricci.

This polemic generated also has been responded by the Academy of Cinema that affirms that it does not think to break a contractual relation that commits him with the brand of perfumes. At present, Saphir Parfums, is developing its own aroma, perhaps to begin to direct its path by another different way. We hope that this controversy has a close end and that in the next editions of the Goya are the actresses and their stylists who decide the designers who look and not problems unrelated to them.

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