How to relieve sore throat in children

Sore throat is a common symptom of the common cold or other acute respiratory tract infections.
It is the main symptom of pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx or throat), and occurs as a result of inflammation or irritation of the throat or surrounding tissues.

baby sore throat

Symptoms of sore throat

In addition to pain when swallowing, other symptoms such as cough, sneezing, fever and swollen lymph nodes also appear.

Causes of sore throat.

Most sore throats are caused by viruses (80%) such as those that cause colds or flu, but may also be due to bacterial infections, such as strep throat which is caused by group A streptococcus.
Breathing through the mouth, allergies, dry air, pollution from chemicals or air irritants, smoking or exposure to tobacco smoke are other factors that can also cause sore throat.

Treatment of sore throat

  1. Sore throat caused by a virus or irritation improves on its own within 1-2 weeks.
  2. Gargling with salt water, sprays, pills and humidifiers are some natural remedies with which you can get relief from the pain.
  3. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help control pain.
  4. It is important to take antibiotics only when necessary, i.e only when a doctor has diagnosed that the throat infection has been caused by bacteria.
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