The Most Romantic Zodiac Signs and Their Ranking

What are the most romantic signs of the zodiac?

Those who follow astrology ensure that the signs of the zodiac can determine some features of our personality, including for example if we have a strong, relaxed temperament if we are more or less passionate and also if we like romance. And it is that when it comes to conquer or enchant the other with unforgettable details, there are some signs that are the great kings, do you know what they are? In this article, we explain what are the most romantic signs of the zodiac.

Being the first sign of the zodiac and be among those ruled by fire, Aries is intense and passionate but also manages to be very affectionate and romantic, completely devoted to your partner when you are in love. That is why it is considered one of the most romantic and passionate signs of the zodiac. Seducing an Aries is not always an easy task due to his personality and temperament, however, once we achieve it he will surrender completely.most romantic zodiac signs

Of all the signs of the zodiac, Cancer is undoubtedly the most sensitive. A worthy representative of the signs of water, it is precisely this sensitivity which leads him to be one of the most romantic of the zodiac, surrendering himself to his partner to live incredible emotions together. People of Cancer are strongly connected with their feelings so they do not have trouble expressing them and telling their partner how much they love him. In spite of that, seducing him is not easy unless he is also a romantic, only then will success be achieved.

The Most Romantic Zodiac Signs and ... x
The Most Romantic Zodiac Signs and Their Ranking

Another of the signs of the fire that rises with the banner of romanticism is Leo, although always including passion in each of his movements of conquest. It is a sign for which love is closely linked to the passionate, so with the Leo, you can enjoy an intense relationship full of surprises because this sign does not support the routine. To seduce them you must have patience and show how much you are worth, because they do not settle for anything.

None of the signs of fire remain outside the list of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, and that is that Sagittarius completes the triad thanks to his passion and the romance that he puts into the relationship when he falls in love, however when he loses his interest in someone all this romance is going overboard making him enter the list of the most infidel signs.

To seduce a Sagittarius you have to show him that you are good enough and that, of course, you also keep a great dose of passion inside you.

Pisces is one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac and is that this tireless dreamer loves details and relationships full of tenderness and dedication. It is a sensitive and sentimental sign that also adores passion and is willing to share all its relationships, demonstrating its fidelity and inexhaustible love. In fact, the key to seducing a Pisces resides precisely in giving him love, since they are very sensitive to contact.


In the ranking of the most romantic signs, you occupy the position No.12. Yours is not the Aquarian romanticism of the great declarations of love, but that does not mean that with your originality you give your relationships the spark you need to stay alive. Your weak point is emotions and therefore express in a romantic way what you feel is not your strong point.

In the ranking of the most romantic signs occupy position No. 11. It’s not that you’re not romantic / Capricorn, it’s that it gives you some modesty and shame to show your feelings. When you want someone you do it with all your heart and with all your being, but it is very difficult for you to take off that armor that you wear to show your strength. Your sense of ridicule also plays an important role in this aspect, you will only show your feelings to your partner when your trust is completely won.

In the ranking of the most romantic signs occupy the position No.10. It is clear that you are the most erotic sign of the zodiac, but feeling very much in terms of romanticism you stay a little short or short. You Scorpio know how to seduce whoever calls your attention, but for that, you use other weapons … although it should be noted that if you see it necessary to become romantic or if you simply propose it, you get it and best of all, you embroider it.

In the ranking of the most romantic signs occupy position No. 9. Gemini, of course, that you have your moments of tenderness and hubbub with your partner, but always of doors inside and to be able to be in the privacy of your room. Skin with skin sensitizes you and that is why you are likely to only show your feelings when you share a bed with your loved one … although this is very romantic it can also generate some frustration in your partner, who will most likely want you to demonstrate what you feel about other’s ways and in other places. Think about it!

In the ranking of the most romantic signs, you occupy the position No. 8. It is not that you are the coldest person on earth but that of constantly demonstrating to the public is not going much. Yes, you can give kisses and hugs, and a lot of love, but normally from inside doors, although from time to time you let yourself go. Of course, do not expect details on your part on specific days. You do not follow any rule so, your thing is rather to surprise when you least expect it. You like romanticism because inside you want to have an idyllic partner, but since reality is very different in the end, you prefer to freeze your heart a bit, even a little bit.

In the ranking of the most romantic signs, you occupy the position No. 7. Cancer, as you have mood changes, is not the eternal romantic or romantic, but that being one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac tends to be quite attached and romantic with your partner. Connected strongly with your feelings, although you are not an expert creating romantic scenarios, it is not difficult for you to let your partner know how much you love him and what you are willing to do to have a future at his side … what is more romantic than this??

In the ranking of the most romantic signs, you occupy the position No. 6. Pisces is undoubtedly your imagination and your dreams of gentlemen and damsels that make you in real life a person who likes to create romantic settings for unforgettable moments with your partner … as you are very creative and also quite sensitive you are constantly doing things to innovate in this sense, with you it is very difficult for the flame to go out.

In the ranking of the most romantic signs, you occupy the position No. 5. Although you are very passionate and intense in your Aries relationships, you are also affectionate and romantic with your partner. You know or think it is very important to show this trait to your loved one, just as you need your partner to show it to you. In bed, you are a beast, but in the day to day, you are a cat or a kitten who likes to receive and give a lot of love.

In the ranking of the most romantic signs, you occupy the position No. 4. Taurus you can be quite rude in certain matters, but not in love. In your romantic relationships, you will not miss words full of romanticism, caresses, or evenings in the light of the moon or moments in which to express your deepest feelings. When you fall in love you give yourself 100%, and that’s why you enjoy like no one surprising your partner in anniversaries, birthdays, the day of lovers, etc., if in the background you are all romantic or romantic, right?

3- LEO
In the ranking of the most romantic signs, you occupy the position No. 3. Let’s see Leo, although you can not always express what you feel with words if you occupy this position is precisely because you manage to marvel both conquer and create moments of romance. In your movements you always include passion and that is why those who are with you can enjoy a relationship full of surprises, intense and not routine at all. You are very emotional Leo, and that is why you will give your relationships that touch of magic and charm that so many hooks to those who are with you.

In the ranking of the most romantic signs, you occupy the position No. 2. No doubt you are the most subtle sign of the entire zodiac and therefore you have that point of romanticism that makes you be tender and affectionate with your partner. As you love good manners and are gallant and courteous to the person you love, you make at times create a kind of bubble of love in which everything is perfect. You have a gift Libra and is that you know how to make those around you feel good, if your partner is one of those who need a mixture of passion and romanticism, you have hit the nail on the head.

In the ranking of the most romantic signs occupy position No. 1. Sagittarius too much romantic | nobody wins. You are one of the signs of the fire that puts more passion and romance into your relationships. You are not afraid to express what you feel, moreover, you do not have any cover, when you want, you really want and you shout to the four winds. When you manage to maintain a healthy and reciprocal relationship you are one of those who give envy to others, there are many who would like to achieve what you get in this sense, great for you Sagittarius!