Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Friday May 20th 2022

Sagittarius, don’t forget to see more content about your sign in your section. This day you will feel realistic, the Moon in Libra can pretend to be a real person for humanity because you often use the mirror of others to understand your own nature. But Libra is an air sign, and inhabiting it the Moon, often leads with the head, rather than the heart.

You can win battles now, but more through acts of kindness than attacking others. The aspect that Mars trine Neptune makes you want to fight but for your spiritual growth, work hard to find some answers to questions about existence that are sometimes difficult to discover.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today M...
Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Monday 1st August 2022

Taurus in your 7th house makes you conservative, peaceful, calm, and homely. You can be the most faithful of the zodiac, but you also expect them to be with you, and you will always look for a partner that gives you security.

Whatever your current career or interest, you will often go to extremes in research and in-depth understanding of the topic at hand. You can then manifest this intense interest in always reaching the bottom in a meaningful way. You will be taking things very seriously. These are the conditions generated by the Sun trine Pluto.

If you have had a lot of tolerance lately for someone around you, perhaps your family, it is because you are questioning yourself. You who are usually rather harsh on yourself may find that you need to stay humble if you want to give yourself the freedom to grow. This day could offer you this kind of observation.


In matters of love, you could not do better, because you have Pisces in your 5th house and that aspect makes you: flirtatious, cheerful, sweet, affectionate, thoughtful, attentive and extremely cheesy, and dedicated. But it will cost you to enter fully into the commitment.

Today you may need to put your pride aside and settle a stubborn feud. You may have been estranged for a long time from a friend. This situation could start to drain your energy and cause you serious anxiety. Try to release the tension, you will feel much better if you know how to forgive. Come on, swallow your self-esteem and be the first to reach out to your opponent to make peace. You will be stronger than to discuss.


The passage of the sign of Aries through your 6th house will wreak havoc on your head, both because of the acceleration it represents in your life, and because of the bombardment of ideas or problems that it can cause you. So resting and taking things in a relaxed way would be important for this aspect to go unnoticed.

We are not to say that you are going to totally enjoy this dear day. You should even expect to radically oppose certain decisions coming from an authority: boss, team leader or head of the family. You’re going to play the role of spoilsport today and we’ll have all the trouble in the world to calm you down. Your mood should improve significantly by the end of the day. Good for those around you!


These days you might find your passion and creativity ideal for a career in music or acting and any of the physical arts. Dance, song and sculpture will allow you to fully express your excellent sense of rhythm and subtle style. It is the energy that Mars trine Neptune causes you.

An excellent day to feel the “tonality” of the year, even if this atmosphere may not suit you every day: it is a question of concretizing more than of sowing new projects, and it is undoubtedly not what you prefer to do. Maybe time will seem a little slow to you today: be patient, work on concentration.

Money and Luck

When it comes to money, Capricorn works at home 2 and that makes you very patient in financial matters, although you work hard enough so that you don’t lack anything, you don’t worry about material goods, if they are very necessary and you can buy them, you will, and if not, You will wait for the best moment to do it.

You may receive a lot of messages from your close relatives or friends today. Expect to receive invitations for a family reunion or for a vacation… You could also receive e-mails from people you have lost sight of. At home, it will be more neighbors who will visit you. In short, the day lends itself to this kind of communication and all the warm relationships that follow!

Sagittarius Tomorrow’s Horoscope

It is on your ability to question things that the evolution of this day will depend. You usually have a great capacity for analysis when relationships get stuck. In your family in particular, there may be a member who is not currently following the right path. Of course his story is personal. But better than anyone, you will be able to understand the message that this person is trying to convey by not acting in the norm.