Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Saturday 12th August 2017

Sagittarius Daily Predictions Horoscope Saturday 12th August 2017

Congratulations, Sagittarius! Today Saturn enters the planet directly in your sign, that is, it ends its retrograde transit, and as it is the long return that happens every 30 years marks the beginning of a new stage in your life. Many will be rectifying mistakes made in the past and launching new conquests, increasingly high.

In love something ends, but it was not precisely love, but illusion, desire for company, routine and custom. Now, after the initial moments, you realize that it was the best and the feeling of freedom that you feel is incomparable. In other cases, the relationship is consolidated. Quiet.sagittarius today daily horoscope 12 august 2017

Wait a little before making a strong sentimental decision that involves ending up with someone you love and starting a new course because today you could be impulsive and maybe you would be acting based on an emotion of the moment. If you are single or single no stunts, everything should happen at the time, by its own weight.

Spend more time on the part of your body that often neglects: your feet. It is time to give them the treatment they deserve, use softening oils, place them in a tub with warm water and salts, give them a massage and put them up. Rest, relax.

Serenate yourself when making an important work decision because if you let yourself be dragged to an emotional impulse you could lose your position in your work and at the same time cause problems and conflicts in the place where you are employed. If you look for something better you will find it, just put your energy in that direction, Sagittarian.

Keep doing things as you have been doing them and do not worry about the comments unrelated to your economic affairs. This is not a cycle to do what others want you to do, but to follow your own intuitions. Now you have the direct Saturn energy and you will see how things change in your favor.

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