Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 18th December 2020

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 18th December 2020

Do not leave your family aside, no matter what you have to do or the obligations that are waiting for you at home, there is always time to give love and concern to the people who gave us everything in life. Plans for the future New Year are beginning to be forged, and they may propose job changes that involve a greater degree of commitment to your company or a change of address; you will need calm to think about it for a few days. If today you wake up with the feeling that many things are not working in your life, look for the causes both in your mind and in your physique. You urgently need to change your habits. Eat a healthier diet that includes more fruit and vegetables and less meat. You have to purify your body to feel lighter and more vital. The next chapter is to analyze what wrong decisions you have been making. You have to pay more attention to your inner voice because it is giving you the clues so that you can correct your mistakes and start a new stage in which your personal satisfaction has more prominence. If you still live in the family home, perhaps your desire to be more independent creates this discomfort. Meditate on it these days and set a date after the Holidays to make this momentous decision.

3rd decan, therefore born after December 12, you spend too much energy to manage details that do not help anything. Move on, for now! This tires you out, so don’t be surprised if you have dropped in shape or if everything you do is struggling to come to fruition. But fortunately, this will only last two or three days for each member of the decan and it will end when Mars enters your sign on December 28th. Sagittarius, events today tend to bring up a need to be part of a group or a team.sagittarius daily horoscope 18th december 2020

While you are generally in a good mood, there may be a tendency to misinterpret communication, especially relating to home and family, or trying to figure out something that seems to challenge your knowledge at the moment. Calculation errors are likely in the second half of the day. However, if something is wrong, it could end up being a useful learning experience. It can be difficult to pass an obstacle, perhaps due to inner uncertainty. Some people may not be clear with or about you, or they may ignore what you are saying. However, if you can give up thinking or researching, it can be a good time for creative thinking and writing. A strong sense of drama can stimulate creativity.

Due to the sensitive action of the Moon in transit through the same element that your ruler Jupiter transits, you will want to solve many problems simultaneously. It is a good day in business and love, Sagittarius, so take advantage of it because money and fortune are waiting for you where you least think. However, since you have a square with Chiron this Wednesday you must be very careful when raising something delicate to that person who is next to you and you could hurt without trying. The main thing is that you follow your heart, and when making decisions let your inner being speak.

Your personal charisma attracts to you the love, passion, and looks of people who are now taking a serious interest in you. If you are alone, or single, single, or looking for a partner, you can happily solve many sentimental problems this day. The heart of that elusive person who seemed unattainable to you is softened.

Placed thus under the tutelage of Mars, you show a certain aggressiveness and a strong propensity for criticism. This attitude could greatly mar your day in the realm of love. If arguments happen in all couples, it should not become a (bad) habit. Just one piece of advice to make this day bearable: forget about unjustified criticism and cookie-cutter judgments. Want to have the last word? Start by making solid arguments and a structured speech!

Do not follow other people’s treatments because each person has their peculiarities. If they give you some medicine or indicate something to cure your ailments, do not do it without consulting well beforehand with professionals or trained people.

A wave of stress is likely to overwhelm you during the day. Nothing very important, don’t worry. You need to breathe calmly and deeply to be in full possession of your means. Drink an infusion of chamomile and orange blossom to optimize feelings of relaxation and well-being. Let yourself be transported by soft and benevolent feelings towards yourself. Do not hesitate to ask for courage from those around you.

The efficiency and seriousness that you show in your job are placing you in the center of attention of your superiors and very soon you will be receiving a pleasant surprise at your work. If you are unemployed, do not be impatient, there is an offer on the way. The next year 2020 will pleasantly surprise you with what you least expected.

Money and Luck
Your mind starts dreaming about traveling abroad and opens up to the possibility of starting new businesses with recently known people. Do not close the doors of development or prosperity, but at the same time act sensibly and not with blind optimism which is very different from the positive attitude. Sagittarius Luck Today

After a rather difficult period, the new astral cycle that is opening up promises to be much more favorable than the previous one. If you have experienced some financial difficulties, you could see the problems caused by these financial worries quickly resolved through the intervention of someone close to you. For job seekers, the arrival of Mercury in your Heaven will have a beneficial influence and you may receive an answer you no longer expected.

Family and friends Family1
Development is in full swing. With your parents or your little ones, the relationship is very peaceful. No annoyance insight. Whatever your choice of company, you will be able to fully enjoy the joys of family life. Your loved ones will redouble their attention to your greatest happiness. Consider returning the favor to them. A tender gesture, a beautiful smile, a compliment. Take the reins of your happiness by actively participating in creating a loving environment where life is good.

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