Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 21st September 2018

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope Today Friday 21st September 2018

The lunar influences of this day with the transit to the air element exert a strong influence on your area of health and love. Your words will be very important today on Friday, which is your zodiacal day so increase your degree of responsibility when you talk with your partner or a good friend and do not deal lightly with serious matters of the heart or feelings.

An extra dose of energy will help you recover from a prolonged convalescence. The weekend presents a tonic of surprise associated with a certain invitation that will take you by surprise, but that will interest you a lot.

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You will consider several factors when restarting something that you had not dared. The love, passion and sensitivity that now surround you will help you recover lost ground, but you still have time to enjoy, just cheer up and take that step.

Take care of your health, but do not become obsessive or compulsive because between the worry and the problems created by the imagination there is only one step. Your sign is healthy, strong and full of positive energies. Apply them and you will see how well you are doing, Sagittarius.

Certain unforeseen work issues may require you to spend more time than you had thought to finish something recently started. Do not get overwhelmed, plan everything properly and you will be amazed at how good everything turns out to be.

Money and Luck
You need money? Follow that intuition and do not unnecessarily complicate your life with unproductive efforts that end with your initiative and cause financial problems. A touch of luck in chance will put you in a good position to bet on a legal game.